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Title: Coffee Hell
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin
Rating: G
Words: 363
A/N: Um, a coffee centered drabble for [ profile] isaofdoom? Cause, you see, I'm supposed to be writing my essay right now. Sorry that this is so luckluster and short ;;

Changmin knew his coffee )

Comments as always very appreciated.
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Title: In which Changmin is grumpy and Yunho has his fingers chewed on
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin
Rating: G
Words: 1,070
A/N: So, um, this is completely pointless and silly? Also, unfinished - probably forever going to stay so. (Unless [ profile] isaofdoom decides she wants to write it properly like she said she might. :>) I've just been wanting to write something that wouldn't be awfully angsty, something light and carefree and at last, I succeeded~! I don't really have time to continue it so if you could treat it like a bit longer drabble...?
Also, dedicated to [ profile] isaofdoom~! As I promised I would do if I managed not to give birth to another angst-ridden fic.

Yunho's busy trying to detach his hand from where it's caught between a mischievous puppy's canines (it always does that to him and him only, for some reason, and damn if these little pointed teeth aren't sharp), when he comes for the first time )

As always comments much appreciated :)
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Title: The Brightest Flame
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin, Changmin-centric
Rating: G
Words: 685
A/N: Just a weird drabble that could be more but probably won't be because I don't have time. Dedicated to [ profile] curaga since she was my inspiration for this ;)

One day Changmin discovers he doesn't sleep anymore, hasn't slept for whole days already )

Comments and criticism as always much appreciated :)
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Title: don't wait up for me
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin or gen, however you prefer it; Changmin-centric
Rating: G
Words: 1406

you don’t worry when he’s not back by the morning )

Hope you enjoyed this and as always - comments and criticism are love~ :)
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Title: Your sunflower
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin or gen, however you prefer it
Rating: G
Words: 544
A/N: After my continuous nagging that I demand to see her writing, [ profile] levels came up with an idea that we'd give each other a prompt and present whatever we'd've written at the end of the same day. The writing something bit was successful, the posting-on-the-same-day bit - not so much. XD
Anyway, I got 'flowers' as my prompt and this is what my mind offered me. I blame Neko that I wrote this (obviously), and [ profile] szani and her assignment for the direction this ficbit took. XD
Enjoy! :)

And yet, he can’t help himself when he looks at the photographer and the crew’s slightly dumbfounded expressions as they gaze at his and Yunho’s ‘pieces’ )

And as a bonus - another direction in which this was supposed to go, at first. (But it needed more time and a brain and at the time I had neither.)

When Changmin learns about the concept for their newest photo shoot, he just hopes it won’t result in the wrath of netizens back in Korea and a scandal )

Like always, comments and criticism are love <3
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Yes, this time comes again~
I've started writing this stuff several months ago and it's not going anywhere - even though I actually tried this time. XD I feel a bit regretful at having to resort to this but I really don't think I'll be able to continue these. And frankly, it's not like these are anything much, either. Especially since I sort of wanted to challenge myself with tackling something resembling actual plot. And humour as well! I've never really written humouristic stuff before, so this was interesting. And, [ profile] levels, some of them may look a bit familiar? (Because I'm lame!)

Well, not dragging it out any longer! (Though there might be some author's notes at the end~)
Enjoy and tell me what you think! :) And like the last time - vote for your favourite~ ;)
Warning: unbetaed.

Real men don't cry | Yunho-centric | 236 words | gen | G | started writing: 2011-07-14

I )

Every breath you take | Homin | AU | 538 words | PG-13/15 | inspired by the best part of Before U Go MV; I'd link to the proof but I don't have the link anymore | started writing: 2011-07-20

II )

Name your price | Homin | AU | 1479 words | PG-13 | inspired by the clip from when Tohoshinki promoted Superstar in Music Japan | started writing: 2011-07-24


Bonus scene )

Sound of silence | Jaejoong-centric | 137 words | angst | G | 2011-10-14 | can be treated as a drabble, since I actually meant for it to be one

IV )

Some ramblingsAuthor's Notes:

RE: I )
RE: II )
RE: IV )

I hope you enjoyed this at least a bit! As always, comments are ♥
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Title: When tomorrow finally comes
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: G
Words: 785
A/N: Written while travelling by train back from Cracow. Somehow inspired by [ profile] quirke's Sunny Otaku. Gratuitous angst.

Not yet, both of you would say, he’d tell you, holding your hands, tracing intricate, illegible signs on the sensitive skin of your wrist with his thumb )

Comments and criticism are love! :)
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Title: Happiness, ltd.
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: none (unless you squint really hard), Yunho-centric
Rating: G
Words: 2125 (my personal record up to date)
A/N: Inspired by June and Rebecca's convo on tumblr. AU, a bit experimental, I guess. I'm not quite sure myself what it is? Enjoy and tell me what you think!

He’s shown the ropes, he’s trained, he signs every document that needs his name on it. He becomes a part of something big. He truly can’t wish for more )

Comments and criticism as always more than appreciated. Especially on this particular piece.
Also, if anyone has a better suggestion for a title, then I'm all ears
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Title: Standing up once again
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin, sort of
Rating: G
Words: 744
A/N: Just something that refused to leave my mind for sometime. Partly inspired by Yunho's participation in 'Kiss&Cry' but not really directly related to it.

You want to shake him sometimes, tell him to get a grip on himself (or maybe – to loosen it a little so it doesn’t leave such bruises in its wakes) but you never do. )

Comments and criticism are really appreciated. :)

Ah, I dislike the title.
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Title: Everyday (Loneliness is)
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: none, Changmin-centric
Words: 556
A/N: Written while listening to this song. It's not really based on it, this song just made a good background for writing.

Loneliness is when there are only two pairs of shoes at the front door instead of five and they’re not thrown haphazardly but lined neatly because you have nothing better to do-- )
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Title: Plural
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: can be seen as Yunho/Jaejoong
Words: 129
A/N: Just a little drabble inspired by the mood of following songs: Zhang Yin Li feat. Xiah - Timeless and Green Day and American Idiot Cast - 21 Guns. Enjoy. :)

Read more... )

Comments more than appreciated~ ^^


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