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The fics are sorted from newest to oldest, by fandoms. Personal favourites have ♥ attached, entries marked with ** are f-locked. Also, entries marked with !! may contain such themes as (explicit or implied) character death and/or mentions of mental illness, so please proceed with care. (If you want me to add you so you could read them, leave a word?)

reflections | G | Yunho/Changmin | 219 words | Posted: 2014.04.21
yunho is a vampire. he sucks changmin dry out of all the love he has to offer

here by your side | G | Yunho/Changmin | 503 words | Posted: 2014.04.21
recently yunho has changed

!! Part of the tropes meme: handcuffed together | G | Yunho/Changmin | 388 words | Posted: 2013.10.11
Yunho steals a glance at the man whose wrist is currently linked to his own with a steel ring of handcuffs. Shim Changmin looks...gentle

!! Part of the tropes meme: apocalypse | G | Yunho/Changmin | 604 words | Posted: 2013.10.11
there’s a lone figure at the end of the road screaming something incomprehensible, something jumbled and desperate about end of the world

Part of the tropes meme: sharing bed | G | Yunho/Changmin | 423 words | Posted: 2013.10.11
there’s a lump of a young man lying on top of him

Part of the tropes meme: next-door neighbours | G | Yunho/Changmin | 384 (+85) words | Posted: 2013.10.11
changmin’s lips are ripe with regret, there’s remorse etched onto his eyelids when he squints against the midday sun. yunho knows then - too much, too soon would be a grave mistake

picture perfect | G | Yunho/Changmin | 861 words | Posted: 2013.06.23
sleeping, smiling, in love, desolate. you try to collect pieces of him as if they could be made into a whole

let go | (P)G | Yunho/Changmin | 821 words | companion piece to hold on | Posted: 2013.03.06
sometimes yunho is just what he is. changmin can’t tell the difference when yunho appears at night and his touch is all he’s got to go by

hold on | PG-13 | Yunho/Changmin | 1167 words | companion piece to let go | Posted: 2013.01.22
if he's lucky there's breakfast already waiting when he arrives there. he's not lucky often

the opposite of two | G | Yunho/Changmin | 1019 words | Posted: 2012.12.21
with his earnest gaze and his "it's all me," and "we had fun together, didn't we." and you're too proud to protest against the past tense

Part of the tropes meme: stars | G | Yunho/Changmin | 267 words | Posted: 2012.12.10
changmin falls in love with stars as a kid. he’s fascinated by the way they shine so brilliant and cold and then he learns they’re incandescent and he. wants

Part of the tropes meme: genderswap | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 471 words | Posted: 2012.12.10
“…you’re not being serious,” yunho doesn’t say, he just gives him a glare and he has to strain his neck to look up and see changmin’s face and if it isn’t all kinds of annoying.

Part of the tropes meme: pretending to be married | G | Yunho/Changmin | 808 words | Posted: 2012.12.10
he puts up an ad in a newspaper. it’s deceptively simple in content, plain words, complicated intent and he waits

Part of the tropes meme: kissing to save the day | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 532 (+137) words | Posted: 2012.12.10
he always brings an extra whenever he goes out but just yesterday he had to work over-hours and he used it up and forgot to pack a new one and yunho said he was fine and god—

Part of the tropes meme: day at the beach | G | Yunho/Changmin | 388 words | Posted: 2012.12.10
he steals a glance at changmin, soft and daring in equal measures before he leans back and lets his body fall and rest on the cushion of sand.

| G - PG | Yunho/Changmin | words) | Posted: 2012.12.10
Part of the tropes meme: mistletoe kiss | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 826 words | Posted: 2012.12.10
he glared. yunho pouted. changmin's expression of outrage wilted slightly as yunho sneaked a hand between their bodies and started stroking his waist gently

8 unrelated ficlets | G - PG | Yunho/Changmin | ~200 - ~800 (total: ~2900 words) | Posted: 2012.11.23

with your heart on the sleeve | G | Yunho/Changmin | 1236 words | Posted: 2012.10.14
shim changmin pawns his heart at the local pawnshop for a handful of wrinkled notes and a slightly worn out simplified mechanical equivalent

And I'm Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open | G | Yunho/Changmin | 1891 words | Posted: 2012.09.16
Jung Yunho first appears on a winter afternoon. His dreams are rough, his smile beaming and carefree, and Changmin detests him from the get-go

Poison | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 595 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
When he finally falls asleep, it’s with his hand held in Yunho’s, the grip of his graceful fingers anything but. It almost hurts but the ignores the prickles of pain, draws comfort from them

Imperfect | G | Yunho/Changmin | 498 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
“And this, this is our newest addition. Unfortunately it’s dysfunctional,” says the man, pointing to a doll looking like a young man in his early twenties

!! R.I.P | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 1,261 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
You’ll rest when you’re dead, they told him, half-joking but he saw the seriousness in their eyes. And so he took his chance

Stretched thin | G | Yunho/Changmin | 951 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
Like a plastic shopping bag stretched too wide around groceries, it finally breaks

Four people Yunho hugged during SMTown and one he didn’t | G | Yunho/Changmin | 437 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
Because it isn’t just idle talk for the magazines – Changmin knows and understands as well, he notices and Yunho could never force on him these feelings, these needs, he could never make him feel like he has to cross the line for him

Plastic Love | R | Yunho/Changmin | 319 words | Posted: 2012.07.08
yunho wakes up one morning and decides it's a perfect day for sex. every day is a perfect day for sex but today seems to be even more so. it's screaming at him "go get him tiger! be wild," and yunho's not the one to argue with such brilliant suggestions

All I want is you | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 1,642 words | Written: 2012.04.28 | Posted: 2012.05.15
He never writes down anywhere anything he learns, the memory of his grandma’s slouched with age back being quickly hidden with manly broad sinister backs clad in suits still alive in his mind. Changmin compiles them and then stores inside hundreds of shelves of his mind, everything sorted out and properly labeled

Crystal clear | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 670 words | Written: 2012.05.12 | Posted: 2012.05.15
Changmin had to save for whole five years to be able to buy his window. Five years spent living on a single red emergency light bulb

Coffee shop! AU | Yunho/Changmin | For [ profile] isaofdoom| Overall rating so far: G | Words: ?? | Started on: 2012.05.04
I. Coffee Hell | Changmin knew his coffee.
II. Eye of the Beholder | "Oh, I’m sorry!" Yunho exclaims with sincere worry and retreats his hand (which Changmin welcomes with a pang of strange relief-slash-regret) while Kyuhyun snickers with equally sincere derision across him

In which Changmin is grumpy and Yunho has his fingers chewed on | Yunho/Changmin | G | 1,070 words | Written: 2012.04.15 | Posted: 2012.04.22
Yunho's busy trying to detach his hand from where it's caught between a mischievous puppy's canines (it always does that to him and him only, for some reason, and damn if these little pointed teeth aren't sharp), when he comes for the first time

!! The Brightest Flame | Yunho/Changmin, Changmin-centric | G | 685 words | Written: 2012.04.10 | Posted: 2012.04.14
One day Changmin discovers he doesn't sleep anymore, hasn't slept for whole days already

!! ♥ As a Memento | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | 3,514 words | Written: 2012.03.23 | Posted: 2012.03.27
He wakes up in the middle of the night, knowing. Not everything but enough to grasp at the shoulders of the man sprawled on the edge of the bed and then embrace him tightly when he opens his eyes in the sleep-caused confusion

Don't Forget to Live | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | 3,090 words | Written: 2011.12.22 | Posted: 2012.02.26
They first meet when they still have all the time in the world. Yunho’s eight and Changmin six years old, which makes their eternities seventeen and nineteen years long respectively

Shades of grey | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | 439 words | Written: 2012.02.17 | Posted: 2012.02.18
Precise and deliberate, you prod him with the needles of your words and then you stick them in

!! ♥ don't wait up for me | G | Yunho/Changmin, Changmin-centric | 1,406 words | Written: 2011.11.14 | Posted: 2011.11.27
you don’t worry when he’s not back by the morning

Your sunflower | G | Yunho/Changmin, Changmin-centric | silliness based on 'flowers' prompt | 544 words | Written: 2011.11.04 | Posted: 2011.11.12
And yet, he can’t help himself when he looks at the photographer and the crew’s slightly dumbfounded expressions as they gaze at his and Yunho’s ‘pieces’
Take 2 as a bonus

Real men don't cry | G | Yunho-centric | 236 words | Started writing: 2011.07.14 | Posted: 2011.10.30
It’s one of many unwritten rules that all trainees at SMent abide to (when they learn that not all regulations at this place are stuck on the main wall in the rehearsal room, printed sheets above their beds in the dorms)

Every breath you take | PG-13/15 | Yunho/Changmin | 538 words | Started writing: 2011.07.20 | Posted: 2011.10.30
It starts almost like one of his novels could

Name your price | PG-13 | Yunho/Changmin | 1,479 words | Started writing: 2011.07.24 | Posted: 2011.10.30
While Yunho desperately tries to salvage the umbrella he snatched away from him, Changmin mentally curses Junsu (for having the stupidest ideas ever) and himself (for having actually trusted him) and thinks venomously that he already hates this job

Sound of silence | G | Jaejoong-centric | 137 words | Written: 2011.10.14 | Posted: 2011.10.30
Beep—beep, it goes, undisturbed by anything sans a faraway clock measuring the time to the next rejection

When tomorrow finally comes | G | Yunho/Jaejoong | 785 words | Written: 2011.08.13 | Posted: 2011.08.15
Not yet, both of you would say, he’d tell you, holding your hands, tracing intricate, illegible signs on the sensitive skin of your wrist with his thumb

!! ** And when the world ends, just hold my hand and don't let go | PG-13 | Yunho/Changmin; hints of OT5; Changmin-centric | 1,376 words | Written: 2011.05.30-06.03 | Posted: 2011.06.04
One the last day of the world, Changmin wakes up alone

!! Happiness, ltd. | G | Yunho-centric | 2,125 words | Written: 2011.05.15-16 | Posted: 2011.05.20
He’s shown the ropes, he’s trained, he signs every document that needs his name on it. He becomes a part of something big. He truly can’t wish for more

Standing up once again | G | Yunho/Changmin | 744 words | Written: 2011.05.05-06 | Posted: 2011.05.06
You want to shake him sometimes, tell him to get a grip on himself (or maybe – to loosen it a little so it doesn’t leave such bruises in its wakes) but you never do

Monochrome | PG | Yunho/Changmin | 727 words | Written: 2011.01.15-16 | Posted: 2011-04-26
Living in the monochrome isn’t as bad as one could think. And it isn’t anything bad at all when you don’t even know an alternative. (When it’s all you’ve ever know since you’ve been born.)

Anchor | G | Yunho-centric | 108 words | Written: 2011.02.17 | Posted: 2011-04-26
Yunho’s all motion. He can’t stay still – it just doesn’t compute.

Heart | G | Yunho/Changmin | 944 words | Written: 2011.02.20 | Posted: 2011-04-26
He’s manipulated you and now you can’t reject this damn, so alluring love of his anymore.

** [Untitled] | G | Yunho-centric; sort of Yunho/Junsu | 53 words | Written: 2011-02-?? | Posted: 2011-04-26
Or maybe it’s you who’s changed.

Everyday (Loneliness is) | G | Changmin-centric | 556 words | Written: 2011.01.19 | Posted: 2011-01-20
Loneliness is when there are only two pairs of shoes at the front door instead of five and they’re not thrown haphazardly but lined neatly because you have nothing better to do--

Plural | G | gen but can be seen as Yunho/Jaejoong | 129 words | Written&posted: 2011-01-18
We would’ve waited for you, he says and you don’t want to believe but you do

** Discontinued | G | Yunho/Jaejoong | 566 words | Written&posted: 2010-12-18
And he’s your past and your may-have-been. He’s your future that you’ve hoped for, for so long and that will never be

** In another life | G | Yesung/Ryeowook; Kyuhyun/Ryeowook; Yesung/Sungmin/Ryeowook | ~750 words | Written: 2010-09-xx - 2010-xx-xx | Posted: 2010-12-18 | Unfinished
In another life Yesung’s not a Catholic

** Undefined | PG | Yesung/Sungmin; Yesung/Ryeowook; Yesung/Kyuhyun; Kyuhyn/Sungmin; Kyuhyun/Ryeowook; Sungmin/Ryeowook | ~1900 words | Written:2010-09-xx - 2010-10-20 | Posted: 2010-10-20
It can’t be healthy – whatever is that they share

!! ♥ All of me for you | G | Kangin/Eeteuk | ~664 words | Written&posted: 2010-10-18
He finds the way in an old book – half-decayed and covered with a thick layer of mold; the magic stored in it even older, buried by earlier generations

Couldn't, wouldn't, didn't | G | Han Geng - centric | ~415 words | Written&posted: 2010-08-31
He had waited – for days, months and then a whole year

100 Super Junior Fics Challenge | 001. Freefall | G | Kangin/Eeteuk | ~365 words | Written&posted: 2010-08-08
They don’t have much time for this but they do watch television in the army

100 Super Junior Fics Challenge | 003. Blindfolds | G | Han Geng/Yesung | ~500 words | Written&posted: 2010-08-03
It’s been several years already and Han Geng’s Korean is maybe not exactly fluent but good enough for him to know when it’s better to understand and when to play a fool

Blurred | G | implied Subaru/Yasu | ~390 words | Written&posted: 2010-05-25
He hasn’t come that far by obeying rules

Untitled | G | Maru - centric | ~610 words | For [ profile] tsunami_pl | Posted: 2009-10-20
That's me also....right?

Your joy is my low | PG | Ohno/Nino | ~460 words | Posted: 2010-07-07
It’s never been him but Nino, and now Nino’s engaged, and Nino’s going to get married

Three times when Jun didn't get his first date with Ohno and one time when he kind of did | PG(-13?) | Jun/Ohno | ~1,228 words | Posted: 2010-06-30
Which normally would be more than a pleasant realisation but with Ohno things are never quite what they look like

Too far gone | G | Aiba/Ohno | 545 words | Posted: 2010-06-25
‘You’re too far gone,’ Nino says and for once he’s being completely serious and honest

Moving | PG | Sho/Ohno | ~1,560 words | written for [ profile] nicefinalbeam's a kiss, and all was said, an Arashi fanfiction quest | Posted: 2010-05-27
When Ohno tells them that he’s moved out, Sho knows it’s his turn now

Never (and he loves) | PG | One-sided Sho/Jun | Prompt: I'll never forget this | ~1,130 words | written for [ profile] nicefinalbeam's a kiss, and all was said, an Arashi fanfiction quest | Posted: 2010-04-28
He can’t quite believe that it’s something his

Connection | G | kind of Aiba/Nino | Prompt: our last phone talk | ~470 words | Posted: 2010-04-24
Aiba doesn’t remember when was the last time he talked with Nino on the phone

Pieces | G | Matsujun - centric | ~780 words | Posted: 2010-04-22
He was already past the stage when he accepted 'adorable' with a somehow embarrassed smile and he wasn’t adorable anymore anyway

Half down | G | Aiba/Jun | ~630 words | Posted: 2009-07-10
You've been almost knocked out, but almost is never anything but this - almost

Much more than that | G | One-sided Ohmiya | ~650 words | Posted: 2009-07-07
He hasn't regretted yet and he sincerely (and maybe just with a tad of desperation) doubts that he will ever come to regret it

Nothing lasts forever | G | Matsujun - centric | ~430 words | Posted: 2009-06-30
Maybe not in five years and if luck is on their side (and he dares to think it is) maybe not in ten either

** Good things come to those who wait | G | ~630 words | Posted: 2009-05-08
So they say

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