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I'm still rather terribly blocked and have been mostly unable to write lately. But I have some things scattered here and there so I figured I could just go and post them? Ganked from all over the place, including tumblr (which means they're reliant on context so original posts are linked.)
These are mostly self-indulgent and written in attempts to get rid off the block. Please don't expect quality~ All Homin, around G or PG-rated, word count ranging from 200 to 800 (and total word count amounting to 2,859). Enjoy?

1. coffee shop AU | G | 524 words | written for Isa

it's been a long day and changmin's just barely standing upright on his feet after his morning classes and his six hours long shift at the store. even the best blend of strong black company coffee isn't enough to keep his eyes open properly. they're all bleary and gritty with tiredness and he's pretty sure he's going to mess up a customer's order at any moment. despite the late hour - or maybe precisely because of it - the queue's still going strong, people flowing into the shop in a steady stream of lattes, espressos, muffines and wrinkled notes. not for the first time in the evening changmin catches himself almost being lulled up to sleep by the irregular ringing of the cash register his coworker's wielding right now, by the unceasing murmur of people's conversations, the sound of occasional outburst of hearty laughter.

honestly, there's only one thing that could save the day. when the door of the shop open to let in yet one more patron, it turns out that luck is on changmin's side indeed. changmin doesn't notice, not quite yet because he's busy and he's tired. when he finally lifts his gaze from the mixer, it settles on a familiar face and he all but lights up at the sight. it's not as if his legs start hurting less from all that standing neither does his exhaustion magically wear off but now, even if it's for a minute or two, he has something to look forward to.

changmin tries not to let his impatience show, and most probably fails miserably, as he wills the queue to shrink. not too quickly, though, since in a way, the short wait is part of the ritual. the several minutes long moment of expectation and anticipation, when all he can do is attempt to beat the record at providing customer service, is almost as gratifying as actually having the guy already at the register. there's the thrill in it - stealing surrepetitous glances while busying himself with the work at hand, catching the other's gaze every now and then.

it's an odd relationship that they have. they never really talk to each other much and changmin doesn't even know the guy's name. the other man placing his order and changmin taking his sweet time at is all that there is to it, really. except it's not. the guy never orders like any other person - he always takes seasonal products, always asks changmin to recommend something to him, to actually choose for him. "i don't know, you just seem like the type to really know your stuff," he beams at changmin, his eyes crinkling. it's lame, it really is, it should be but instead of that it's just endearing. it makes changmin's long workday just a tad more enjoyable, his efforts rewarded with something more than just money and achy feet and slightly stained apron. (and oh, does he hate it when he does get it dirty after all.)
it's the guy's smile - a brilliant, joyful thing, always just a bit brighter than summer, just a bit warmer than early autumn's colours.

2. stars | 352 words | um, idk if this can be even labelled as a fic but here goes? probably the strangest thing i've ever written

together we'll reach for the stars, he promised, whispered into his neck, imprinted with his lips on the small of his back.

heady with pleasure and desire, he believed him.

even when they sobered, not blinded by the primal insticts anymore, the thought still stuck. carved into the cores of their minds, recklessly, wonderfully so.

and they did. with sweat and bruises, sometimes even blood and broken bones. they sacrificed parts of themselves, parts of each other, all for that one dream.

one day we will reach the stars, he said and it was never just idle words, never an empty promise.

people talked, harsh insults and even harsher good-meaning advices and you-shouldn'ts and you mustn'ts. maybe they ought to have listened but the stars shone too bright. called them too loudly, too clearly and they were the only ones that could hear them.

they reached the stars and they burned, leaving them with sizzling skin and broken dreams.

too incandescent, they glittered like beautiful jewels from afar and burned like thousand suns when up close.

they were suns, each of them far more powerful than the energy source that let them live normally, with far more destructive force.

and he, whom they accused of merely watching, of always just standing by, got blinded.

and he, who had to touch and feel and move to be able to feel truly alive, tumbled away with his skin broken and red and raw.

and he couldn't see him, couldn't draw his comfort from the brilliant smile and the gentle crinkle of his eyes.

and he couldn't embrace him, just hold him in this arms and feel the comfortable, safe warmth.

it was over, the path carved with their blood and devotion and with their love forever there to serve as a remainder and not as a landmark.

they were lost and the affection not gone, not in the slightest but the red thread burned along with his eyes, disappeared with no trace with the palm of his hand, his little finger gleaming with the white of his bone. and they couldn't find each other.

3. unspecified AU | 821 words |

changmin's just delivered a particularly vicious kick to the vending machine when he feels a light but sure pat landing on his shoulder. if there's one thing he absolutely dispises it's his personal space being invaded and considering how he's annoyed to boot... it's really no wonder that the "what," he spits out when turning to look at the offender is especially venomous.

what meets his eyes is a clear, pristine cut of a very familiar uniform and a slightly amused smile on the face of the stranger who's clad in it. his ire never quite understood the concept of the right timing.

"um, yes, officer?" he tries again, his body naturally attempting to take on a less menacing appearance but his brain is sending mixed signals and so he stiffens in an awkward inbetween of slouched and straightened.

"excuse me, may i help you with something?" the man questions pleasantly, with just a hint of...something in his voice. he's gazing pointedly at changmin's leg and while changmin often gets these and they're usually filled with admiration mixed with envy, he's pretty sure that's not the case this time.

"i was trying to buy some calm," he explains, raising his right hand clutching a couple of colourful coins; except he's so nervous that the movement ends up being very jerky and he almost hits the officer in the nose. miraculously, the man doesn't seem daunted and he merely stares at the offending limb. changmin drops his gaze down from his face and fixes it on his own wrist instead.

"you sure look like you could use it," the guy--jokes? if changmin wasn't so tense with built-up anxiety, he'd certainly appreciate the gesture. as it is, he takes a shaky breath and plunges forward with his explanation.

"erm, yeah. the machine-- when i entered the product's number and put the coins in the slot, it- it ate them! and i know i've had enough for a packet--" he opens his palm to reveal the left coins as he blubbers on, "and then it refused to work no matter how many times i pushed the return button and i guess i kind of-- lost control..." he trails off, his mind screaming at him that as far as justifications go, this one didn't put him in a very advantageous light.

the officer doesn't say anything for a moment and as the silence's stretching into what seems like eternity, he finally speaks up, "...did you try asking your doctor to prescribe you coins for colour distinction?"
changmin's surprise is enough to make him lift his eyes and glance at the man's face again.

his companion's smile widens a bit, visibly encouraged by his reaction and he continues, "the coins you're holding-- they aren't blue - they're green."

changmin's eyes flick up and down, between the coins and the man's face, searching, waiting for either to give in, to show any sign of deceit. when neither does, his body suddenly slacks as the tension drains away, and he lets out a small, disbelieving laugh.

"i missed my last appointment?" he offers. "because i had some leftover coins for the meds. ...or at least i thought i did," he attempts another testing glance into the man's eyes. when the man's eyes crinkle with a smile, he reciprocates shyly, the quirk of his mouth burdened with embarrassment. "god, you must think i'm so stupid."

"tell you what," the man goes instead of answering, "i'll let you off this time--"

"but?" changmin supplies at the lilt of his companion's voice. things are rarely that easy. the man laughs at that, the sound somehow warm and slightly goofy and completely at odds with the stern, impeccably neat uniform he's clad in.

"but only if show me your id and have a few calms with me," he grins at changmin and lets out a playful chuckle when he sees his dumbfounded expression.

"well, you're officer of the law," changmin attempts amibiguously.

"yes, and that's why you have to obey me," the man says, no, he singsongs and the semblance of changmin's barely regained composure crumbles again and he stares for a long second before he starts fumbling with his clothes to get the document.

"i'm yunho, by the way," the man beams at him as he takes the plastic card changmin hands him. he writes changmin's name and phone number down on a crumpled, very unprofessionally looking slip of paper that he tucks away into his breast pocket afterwards. then, he leans against the vending machine and he produces a pack of calms out one of his pocket and extends it to changmin.

changmin surrenders fully as his fingers gratefully fish out a cylindrical roll. then, yunho takes out a lighter and first takes care of changmin's calm and then his own.

joining yunho where he's burdening the machine with his weight, they smoke together in a companionable silence.

4 & 5. detectives!AU | 100 words x 2 | written for Isa since I asked for prompts months ago and she wanted detectives Homin :< And I have good memory? 8D 2 drabbles since I figured that if normal writing doesn't work, maybe restricted writing will XD

"It’s like Detective Conan except without all the neat tricks," Changmin muses as Yunho enthusiastically exclaims the case’s outcome. He’s performing for the audience of five – four reporters from local newspapers and a stray cat - with all the flair of a small-fry private investigator delusionally dreaming of fame and hoping that maybe today will turn out the grand break-through. Of course this, like every other case they’ve actually managed to solve, is all figured out by Changmin. He doesn’t mind Yunho getting all the dubious spotlight though, as long as he gets to choose the toppings for tonight’s pizza.

("You said it’d be just the pizza," Yunho whines as Changmin corners him and the backs of his knees bump into the mattress of their creaky bed. "I’m topping on Tuesdays, we had a deal," he furrows his brows in what’s probably supposed to express righteous indignation but ends up resembling petulance more. It’s cute. Changmin smiles, half-cheekiness, half- innocence (all but an act) and leans in for a kiss. He snatches the win completely with a strategically orchestrated push of his hand on Yunho’s chest and slight pressure of his thigh between Yunho’s own. Changmin’s damn good at deducing things.)

6. TV narrator!changmin | 499 words

so, you know how voiceovers and narrations in tv shows are always done by these very... impersonal voices. that really sound like they could belong to just anyone. well, the one doing this one - very boring show about gardening - doesn't. it doesn't to the point where yunho catches himself looking forward to tuesday afternoons and finds himself flicking his battered tv on exactly at 5pm even though he doesn't care about gardening. even though, in fact, no plant has ever managed to get through so called "jung yunho care plan" (which is: forget, forget and get surprised and heartbroken when you discover the plant all withered after a month.)

but this voice, it's compelling. it's deep and warm and soft and has just the loveliest timbre and yunho really feels like it's been made for greater things than gardening shows. but a gardening show it is and yunho tunes in nevertheless. he goes through an hour of painstaking explanations on how to shower your precious greenery with lots of water and ever more love to ensure its healthy growth.

all the useless knowledge has started to get imprinted into his mind and it got him embarrassed more than once already. well, that and his tendency to talk on miles once he begins but surely he can't be blamed for wanting to save mrs. kim's roses from tragic demise. he just had to speak out. he could've made do without creeped out stares though.

either way, the point is, the voice has him ensared. he just can't deny himself the pleasure of listening to it as much as he can't deny himself the pleasure that he always brings himself to, all while imagining the mysterious voice saying things much more delicious, friskier and filthier. yeah, he can see a bright future for this voice in the porn industry. alas, imagination, while with certainly rewarding results, isn't reality. reality is plants and watering with care and ensuring your peony has just the right amount of fertiliser and even he isn't perverted enough to jerk off while listening to that.

the voice that's provided him with so many quality moments comes with a name attached to it. yunho discovers it pretty late - after two months of almost religious occupying the television area on tuesday afternoons - and he berates himself for this terrible oversight. he can't believe how he's never thought to actually wait until the end of the show to hear "all lines were read by shim changmin". "shim changmin", he likes the sound of that, especially when it's presented to him in the mysterious (or not so mysterious anymore, he muses) voice. it almost feels like it's actually introducing its owner to him. yunho wishes he could answer with "jung yunho, nice to meet" you and hear the voice repeat the syllables, taste them in order to make sure that the person got them right. ...he is aware how pathetic this makes him, thank you very much.

7. rich gay couple!AU | 258 words | tag fic

the rich gay couple, holding a short interview to popularise that new charity event they’re organising this time.
'it’s all for the kids,’ yunho says with a bright grin, gesturing widly in a way that’d be unbecoming for a billionaire were it anyone else. but it’s jung yunho and somehow people tend to forgive him more than they would with other people, simply because he’s that beaming with joy and this innate kindness that you can’t just imitate or fake.
‘yes it’s all for the kids’ changmin repeats after him when the cameras get directed at him. because admitting ‘it’s all for yunho,’ is embarrassing and he’d rather drop dead than say it, and besides yunho’s happier this way - when he thinks that changmin cares about making some random children happy more than he cares about yunho’s happiness.
each time the famous shim-jung couple (or ‘homin couple’ as some have taken to calling them endearingly) stages anything, it’s widely spread by their followers and it becomes a huge success. it’s not without sacrifices though. and if publicising a bit of their personal life is what it takes, then yunho will gladly give it. and changmin will begrudgingly follow his lead (or - he will take over to make it easier for yunho) because it’s just the way he is and yunho loves him for that. ‘almost as he loves the random kids,’ changmin would argue except he never does because he knows better.

8. subtle | 205 words | tag fic

'changminnie can i touch you maybe'. 'i'm going to anyway'. 'changminnie can i look into your eyes' it's a game they play. to be more precise. it's a game yunho plays. how far can he go? how far can he bend the line. maybe, just maybe it won't get destroyed under the weight of his foot. maybe it won't ruin anything. he tries. changmin notices. and sometimes he doesn't. they're both very tuned into each other's moods. they way the other's facial expression shifts in the most minute of ways. the way the atmosphere changes subtly just a slightest bit. this time changmin noticed. normally it'd be a sign for yunho to retreat but not this this time. he pushes on. he pushes forward just a bit more. this time he pulls changmin with him. the camera flashes surround them and yunho sort of hopes they'd be enough to distract changmin, to blind him just a tad. 'don't notice. please don't notice.' it's not like changmin would call him out on this. but he could and yunho's forever waiting for the moment he finally does. he's forever afraid of the other shoe dropping. 'just be there. like this with me. just for a while'

Comments and criticism as always much appreciated ♥

Date: 2012-11-24 08:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Taking advantage of maybe-working internet (though it may drop at any moment and this will all vanish omg) to comment!

Ahhh coffee shop AUs, I really like the feeling in this one, Changmin the barista is a nice change and Yunho's attempt at subtlety kind of... not really working.

I always meant to get round to a Jung P.I. fic but it never worked out, so yay for detectives \o/ Another genre/trope I really enjoy and boo that the drabbles are drabbles, I would like to see more of them :D

The TV narrator one made me laugh because it reminded me of that conversation we had about the shopping channels. Yunho not wanting to jerk off over care instructions of peonies was particularly brilliant XD

I loved the ideas behind the unspecified AU. In part it reminded me of the dreamscape universe; same feeling, not quite a dystopia but it's some Terry Gilliam-esque society where everything is both familiar and unfamiliar, and the juxtaposition unbalances the reader (or me, at least) and creates a tension. Yunho's flirting is an anchor for this Changmin, and again this is a scenario I'd love to see more of.

But my favourite has to be 'stars'. I think that's staggeringly beautiful. It's poetry, blank verse, really. The emotion behind it is palpable and the imagery is sublime. It made me think of the Icarus myth, and also gave me a slew of other Greek mythology references. I guess also there's Japanese folklore, too (red thread). The last paragraph is mighty. That is fantastically poetic and packs such a punch. Amazing.

Date: 2012-11-24 11:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the lovely comment ♥

Out of the coffee shop ficlets I wrote, I like this one best, I think? :> And Yunho and subtlety... it's just not canon :< (And this also happens to be the first fic where I consciously tried to control the sentences' length. ...Altho idk if anyone could tell lol.)

Hah, not that long ago I was yearning for a similarly themed AU too :< Which ofc resulted in a bunch of tweets with various daft scenarios involving Yunho as a police officer and Changmin as a private investigator. They'd have all these cases that'd force their paths to cross even tho they hate each other's guts and there'd be air all thick with UST (and then, preferably just ST after they finally stop being dicks and start working each other's and their own dicks instead). Alas, not happening since Idt I glared/starry-eye'd anyone into writing it for me. My life is so sad, I tell you :'(
But! you should be proud that I wrote actual drabbles and labelled them properly and all 8DDD After our convo about this.

Lol this one started as one of these twitter scenarios too until I realised after a tweet or 2 that I could make it actually resemble a fic. So I deleted and just wrote it on twitlonger~ But lol, it reminded me of it too! But shopping channels would be better since it'd have them actually interacting and possibly sex talk guru Yunho and what's there not to love about that.

Ahh, the idea for this AU came to me during a sermon? (Since I'm a sinner and all.) The priest mentioned something about it not being possible to buy feelings from vending machines and ofc my mind immediately went "...and what if it was"? ...But ofc I didn't get that far in the actual ficlet lol. Basically if I let it, it'd run away from me and the world could get messy. XD (Btw this ficlet was written mainly as a means of practicing dialogues~)
Anyway! I'm relived you found this one interesting since I kept thinking it was so meh and not gripping at all. ;;

Ahahaha, stars. If I'm not wrong, I wrote it on piece of paper, dumped it for at least 2 weeks and didn't type it out for a while cause hahah, what is this. But I must admit I like it myself as strange and pseudo-poetic as it is. And I didn't think of Icarus at all! I suppose that in European school you learn about it so many times that it kind of stays with you? It wasn't on purpose tho~ But! now you've got me wondering what other Greek myths references it brought to your mind? *__* The Japanese ref was put there purposely tho :>
Ahhhhhh, I'm so glad you liked it ; A ; I was debating over this one for the longest time ever, honestly. (Wrote it back in July - I think that says all.), I rambled all over you, sorry XD

Date: 2012-11-25 11:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ramble away! I like hearing (reading) the thought processes behind fic.

LOLOL I like your cop/PI scenario! Mine was so retro and Sam Spade, Jung PI and Changmin/Momo as the glamorous homme/femme fatale with legs that completely distract Yunho from his detectin' Alas as much as I adore detective stories I fail at writing them, so another idea for the scrapheap.

Glad I'm not the only one who gets ~inspired during sermons. Though your priest sounds much more interesting than Father Scary, who always has boring sermons full of dismal things. I loved the concept of buying feelings (also this made me think of your heart transplant fic, too). That's an interesting theme, the removal of what should 'naturally' be inside someone (feelings, a heart, dreams) and then making it external or removable in some way. You explore this theme so well in different ways; it's a fascinating concept and yes, it *is* gripping!

I've been thinking about 'stars' since I read it yesterday morning. It's totally a poem. What I like about it is that it operates on two completely different levels. TVXQ fans will immediately read it as a metaphor for the split and blahblah, but putting all that aside it can be read as this beautiful, doomed love story that doesn't actually need a point of (fannish) reference. It stands on its own.

The other myths mainly came to me from words rather than context. I've been hankering for Greece again recently so it's on my mind a lot. Anyway, Icarus, Daedalus/the Labyrinth (the thread, then I realised you must be referencing Japanese folklore since you specified red thread!), and the emphasis on blood and bones/physicality made me think of the House of Atreus (all the good stuff like Tantalus and Pelops and Thyestes). But that's entirely my brain making random connections so pay no attention :p

Oh before I take my babbling self away, have you ever read any of Ted Hughes' poems? He's my absolute favourite poet and he writes mainly about nature in a very powerful, visceral way. 'stars' reminded me of that same strong, haunting style. An example of one of his poems: The Thought Fox.

Date: 2012-11-25 02:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There were too big scarves and mutual judging ("ugh, he has no taste for clothes") involved too! Lots of fails and maybe some kissing. ...There really needs to be this machine that'd let you verbalise your imagination/thoughts, seriously. Future, don't disappoint us :<
I've only ever heard of Sam Spade so I just checked the description and lol, Yunho as a "hard-boiled" detached detective? That'd be interesting. And Changmin's legs should make their cameo everywhere, honestly. *^* (And he should cross-dress too.)

Sadly, he isn't - I don't even remember who it was, most of our current priests are a bundle of boring with some more boring on top. But there are pearls like this too every now and then and my sick mind tends to latch on them in the most inappropriate ways :<
...Ahaha, omg you're right, it's all the same theme. I never really realised XD ...I suppose I'm drawn to this sort of things, hmmm.
Sometimes I commit these things that in my head are Homin and are written with them on mind but that actually could be everything and Homin are just my canvas. I guess fanfiction wiritng is about this in general but even moreso in these pieces. But yeah, this one had some actual references that could be interpreted by the fans so I figured I could post it.
Altho what you're saying about it being able to work as a non-fandom piece too makes me mighty glad ♥
(Lol, I used to dabble in pseudo poetry when I was a teenager. But the results were pretty heavy-handed, hmmm. Not really talented at that.)

Oh, job bringing you back to Greece-related stuff or rekindling interest? :> And House of Atreus, that's quite an association to make 8D But lol, I suppose it means I succeeded at bringing in some morbidity into it? I wanted that effect. Pretty sounding words with cruel meaning.

And I've never heard of him. But may check him out further now hmmmm. His writing seems deceptively simple?~

Btw, I'm assuming you saw all of these pictures so. Your thoughts on Homin butting heads and looking like they're mere centimetres from kissing?? *___*

Date: 2012-11-25 04:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:O You've never seen The Maltese Falcon or any of the other noir detective films?? 1940s films were so classy, and the narrative structure is so good. Back when Hollywood made awesome stuff.

(OMG watching the final race of the F1 season and Vettel has just crashed yeahhhhh I can barely keep my concentration now LOL)

Oh do you have rotating priests? (okay that sounds weird but you know what I mean) We should get a new priest every five years but for some reason Father Scary got our parish twice in a row D:

Yes, morbidity, that's the word. I find it so effective in poetry. I think what's so striking about 'stars' is the visceral quality of it; I always think of your work as being very measured and thoughtful, where the impact comes from a layering of emotion and themes, so 'stars' is more direct for me in a non-fannish context and more nuanced in a fannish context, which is really impressive.

Ted Hughes does write deceptively simple poetry, yes. It's his word choice that attracts me more than anything, I think. We studied some of his poems for A-level English Lit and he definitely made an impression.

I saw some of those pictures! I laughed at the ones where Changmin is really shoving his way into Yunho's space and Yunho looks genuinely confused by why Changmin is getting so close. Bewildered!Yunho is hilarious XD And I really like the gifs where it looks like Yunho can't resist all this flirting any more and grabs at Changmin and... God bless camera angles *sigh*

Date: 2012-11-25 11:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm afraid I don't really watch films much ;; But I'm always open for suggestions and recs if you have any :> ...but if I watch this one now, I'll probably keep searching for Yunho in it and trying to match things up with Homin, lol.

(uh oh, sounds dangerous D: was he fine?)

Oh, our church has several priests? Most churches do, unless they're located in tiny villages or somewhere of the sort. Hmm, ours has got at around 5, I think? You never know who you're going to get during the mass. ...not that I can tell them apart well, lol. I used to with our previous priests but they all got relocated etc. and the current ones just don't quite captivate the people. They're sadly meh :'(
But that sucks with Father Scary! D: Is he just beginning the 2nd round or?

'Stars' were totally a spurt-of-the-moment kiind of thing iirc, that may be one of the factors, hmmm. Anyway, /drowns in the praise
(I think I'm forever going to be amused at my stuff being called thoughtful~)

Also, after your comment I started thinking of my fics with the concept of "removal"/"lack" and realised I have quite a few? XD I think the it goes like... love, happiness, feelings in general, organs/heart, dreams plus 2 fics including incapability to distinct colours. ......should I start wondering about myself.

Yunho, water u doing, seize the chance :| It's such a so close yet so far thing :'( I'm forever devastated that we didn't get an "accident" yet. But! Just when you think these perfs can't get better/more sticky with UST, Homin prove you wrong. 8D I'm so glad/grateful/greedy rn ;; And very very proud of Chami dear that he finally learnt how to soulfully (let's stick with that) gaze into his hyung's eyes during the confrontation~
And some of these gifs were *_____*
...this one isn't quite the same level but isn't half-bad either 8D

(Btw, I'm adding you back on this account cause I'm locking some of the stuff, this post inclusive. Altho I'll wait a week or so, I suppose.)

OT but how's diagon? Better now?

Date: 2012-11-26 03:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I watch fewer films these days because so many recent films (by which I mean post-1980s, tbh) are rubbish. the 1940s noir films are great though because they're so ~aspirational in sinister ways, and everyone smokes like chimneys and have illicit sex and it's all so glamorous. Actually the best one is The Big Sleep, Bogart and Lauren Bacall, so classy.

Unfortunately Vettel's car did not fall to pieces and he finished the race in 6th place, which was enough for him to win the championship, much to my disgust. Ugh ugh many hideous images of Vettel embracing his repulsive team boss, I may never recover from the sight D:

Father Scary sort of swaps parishes between our village and the town across the river, but in actual fact he's basically running two parishes and idk why. Maybe no one else wants us. We used to have a lovely priest, he was cute as well as really inspiring, but now we just have Father Scary and his big beard.

It's interesting to analyse themes in fic. There's a cool writing meme I do at the end of the year and one of the questions is about themes throughout the year and which fic best shows it. Usually I have the same themes but this year has thrown up about six new ones. The power of HoMin, or something.

...I'm a bad fan rn because I just watched the MV and said to diagon, "This song would be much funnier if it was called 'Hemorrhoids'."

She's coughing and sneezing a lot but says she's feeling better. I have a sore throat. I hate sore throats and tickly coughs, most annoying things :/

Date: 2012-11-26 07:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds good! Maybe I'll try googling a download :> XD I have no clue who Vettel is and if he's hideous, unfortunately :< (Normally I stumble upon some F1 news and names every once in a while but not him.)

Is your church really small? Or is there just one priest system? ...of what denomination is that church anyway? XD Most of Poles are Catholics.

Just read the meme and I think I attempted a very similar (if not the very same) one once or twice in the past but I'm absolutely shitty at analysing my stuff so I always got stuck somewhere. I tried searching for the files now to laugh at my inept self but seems like I didn't save the attempts/deleted the .txt files :<
I'm planning doing a different but fun meme soon \o/ ...well, at least it has the potential to be fun but as it's of the interactive sort, I'd need people to comment on it and help me out lol. (Anyway, I made Isa do it, with splendid results 8D)
But lol, the power of Homin. They worked you hard. *^* Will be looking forward to your 2012 writing meme \o/


> writing more than three novel-length projects in a year is probably beyond me these days and despite best intentions, I know I will get distracted by something else along the way

I giggled 8DD

No, noooooo. I already decided that this MV equals cosmic blind dates :< And tlist is saying things about them being apocalyptic soulmates and whatnot *__*
But my award for the greatest entertainment goes to Changmin and his wide wide open mouth and the way he seemed to viciously bite the air. (Kind of reminds me of what Gackt during his concert in Poland. It was mighty lulzy 8D)

Wishing her (and you!) quick recovery then \o/ I'm so glad I haven't been sick in a while, omg.

Date: 2012-11-27 04:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We just have a one priest system, it's the same for Catholics and Anglicans. Catholic priests are incumbent for 5 years, Anglicans can stay as long as they like. Our church is Catholic but as I'm so religiously tolerant/undecided/whatever I sometimes go to the minster for the Anglican services. The vicar does better sermons and the church is 12th century rather than a hideous 1960s concrete thing.

Yay, looking forward to the interactive meme! \o/ there used to be so many good ones floating around LJ but I haven't done one in ages. Er, since January, actually. So yes I'm anticipating wildly!

LMAO that quote. You can see how badly HoMin derailed me this year. Writing more than three novel-length projects in any of my previous fandoms wouldn't have worked, but they made the impossible happen *__* And you can see how badly I failed in all my other planned writing projects. Bad, bad HoMin. But I do really want to write that Regency series, which has turned into a HoMin Regency series, since every time diagon and I visit the location I picked for it, we have all these conversations about Earl Yunho swimming in the lake like Mr Darcy and driving wealthy-but-not-noble Changmin completely crazy.

Cosmic blind dates is a generous way of looking at it. Oh for a proper concept. That concert VTR with Yunho on the bike and Changmin in the car, why can't they have a MV like that? Tsk. And those weird 90s rapper jackets over their suits, why ruin a look with something that resembles a sleeping bag? Now if they'd taken them off and zipped the coats together and actually *made* a sleeping bag and climbed in...

I should pay more attention to jpop. I only know Gackt and Malice Mizer :O Any suggestions?

Date: 2012-11-25 12:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I loved no 8. always fond of tentative side of yunho... with stead beat. long- term on going emotions are priceless especially when both parties are aware of it without discussion. lovely. hope my comment make any sense.

Date: 2012-11-25 12:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Tentative with steady beat" is such a neat expression! Whether Changmin is fully aware is debatable tho? But I guess he may just play pretend cause it's safer, hmmm.

And don't worry, it totally did make sense :>

Thanks for the comment ♥

Date: 2012-11-30 01:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
okay now, I promised you a comment and comment I shall! even though it's super late and I promised it to you like a million days earlier, forgive me ;;

I think I've read all of these except for stars before (even tho some of them were @ to people, I just like creeping on everything okay? okay, shhhh).

coffee shop aus aahh let me curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and just bask in contentment (and dream of the hipster version) ´ u ` but ah I like this, changmin hard at work and yunho being the bright spot of his day. UNTIL ONE DAY YUNHO COMES IN AND SAYS THAT IF HE ISN'T SERIOUS ABOUT COFFEE MAKING HE SHOULD JUST QUIT AND LEAVE NOW and that will be their first proper conversation and changmin will tell it to everybody. karo, give us more coffee shop aus, you are our shining star * A *

... don't you just love it when I comment on your pretty things after 2am :))))))))))

was stars the last one in the previous version? or at least, further down? ah idk, I think it would've been just fine that way, to it to have been the last one to seal the deal and steal your breath away. (I so didn't almost cry on my first read, nope, that ain't me). like glitterburn said (that part up above about creeping? still applies), this doesn't even need to be marked as a homin ficlet, it has enough power to be its own work and I don't even want to think, more less ramble, how I saw the homin in it. one of those things I want to read slow, savour all the words and what parts to stress, what to let slide by.

I kinda regret not commenting on everything the first time I read them on twitter, because there are some feelings/thoughts I vaguely remember having but are now on the same plane of existence as changmin's dick :C the vending machine fic is an exception though, because the idea left me all intrigued (like all the other unusual au ideas you have) and definittl hoping for more, though maybe not homin wise, but for the world they live in. as for the drabble, I think you did well with the dialogue, I like the changes in the verbs, it livens things up so much. repeting says says says irks me so much so I quite enjoyed this - u - I'll have to admit that it took me a second read to understand the idea behind the vending machine and things, but that's more because it's a drabble and it doesn't need to explain itself. a longer fic would require some explanation to things but a drabble like this works just fine without it, dropping the reader in the middle of things.

AND YEAH HI NOW I WANT PIZZA AGAIN :C but seriously karo, you need to write more crack, you have the best sense of humour 'D "You said it’d be just the pizza," Yunho whines I cannot stop laughing at this, halphalp :D:D:DDD yunho, you are forever whipped (and I just wrote 'under the slipper' which is the finnish version of being whipped ahaha. ha. one day karo, I will write you a comment during the day and it'll be the comment you deserve (9*^*)9 )

oh yunho, we all know changmin's voice does funny things to people. that is probably why changmin never speaks at press cons, wouldn't want those inappropriate boners to distract you from asking everyone to look forward to your slghtly less awkward boner on stag-, I mean performance. but honestly, (and we're not counting stars because it's in a category all of its own) this one was probably my favorite 'D I think it actually works fine just like this, yunho daydreaming over a voice and changmin. well. talking about flowers? :D:D I am the best fan, all I need is his voice in a fic and I'm pleased~ = u =

rich gay couple aka canon. how you manage to squeeze their relationship so well into a tag fic, I do not understand, please teach me your mysterious way. you should totally tag fic more about this rich couple tho, maybe why, despite their fortune, changmin can't afford pants in interviews? aaand shutting up now because getting all these stupid ideas haha just know that I loved this, this is the most accurate au of them ever.

and then you go from hilariously accurate straight into near painful feelings area. how you can tell so much in so little. winds me up and all I want is for the other shoe to drop and things tear apart or for the game to never end, no matter who's watching or not.

Date: 2012-11-30 01:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
when we visit (and this is quickly becoming my favorite opener, isn't it :D:D) I will spend the nights word vomiting all of the things I don't know how to write down and I will make you see how wonderful all your fics are and then you will love them all too = u =

((I should have just left that last part out ahahaha you are so easy to comment to, I ramble waaayyy too much 'D))

Date: 2012-12-08 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
idt you can beat my being late so it's all fine, really \o/ ...and i was totally planning on going to bed after i take the shower, unfortunately these have mean tendencies to wake me up :| so may as well \o/

i want people to read them! even if they're @'d specific people :> so creep all you want <3 and no one read stars before except for a mean friend who's a butt and who never got back to me re it and another fic :<

not ruling out the possibility of the hipster version but it's entirely possible that writing all these meme fills on tumblr may end up exhausting me enough to curl up and cry or something so :< not promising anything. (i'm still blocked /o\)
but omg, pretty sure i giggled at your SERIOUS COFFEE SHOP-GOER!YUNHO first time i read this comment. (then again i tend to make all the faces when reading your comments so 8DD) but! i'm glad you liked it? it may be just my fave coffee bit i wrote. ...but lol, if i were our shining coffee star, then it means "we" are very sad beings. (i drink coffee once a month or two!) ...and i'm pretty sure isa wrote much more hmmm.

i think it might've been last or close? but hmm, you know my feelings regarding this batch and i kind of wanted to move the things i liked more/deemed more attention-worthy up? cause you never know when sb's going to get bored with what you wrote /o\ if that was the case, i'd prefer them to have read stars than, say, the kyhd ficlet.

ah idk, I think it would've been just fine that way, to it to have been the last one to seal the deal and steal your breath away. (I so didn't almost cry on my first read, nope, that ain't me).

; A ; this is so flattering, you don't know.

i really liked the idea of the vending machine ficlet and absolutely detested the ficlet itself for quite a long time, ahhhh. XD still kind of dislike it, i guess. but yeah, i like the concept and like i told glitterburn - i didn't actually manage to reach the point in the fic where i'd show what the original idea was and what the world was about lol. i hate the "says" repetition too so i try to alter speech indicators but since i'm not used to it, the writing process was quite a pain? and i feel like the ending result is rather blocky/doesn't flow very well, hmm.

i want pizza all the time :'< and yunho should finally learn all the double entendres and euphemisms, really. especially when he makes changmin do all the work first. actions have ramifications! pizza is deceptive! you can trust no one!
but yay, i'm really glad you like my brand of humour in fics :D being the humble person i am, i enjoy my own sense of humour but in normal situations/loose comments? i feel like i'm not cut out for writing crack idk. never know what's actually funny and what's too much. good to know this worked tho \o/
and yes for "under the slipper". yay for twin expressions *___*

and your comment (especially the bit about it being your fave) about voice!fic gets another *____* and lots of i'm glad's since again, hoho humour. humour be hard.
but yes, if changmin not speaking is a means to preserve yunho's good image, then i suppose we have to surrender. ...or not, cause boners onstage are amusing and homin should be forever helping each other out and providing with moral and physical support, yes.

Date: 2012-12-08 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
rich gay couple aka canon

heeeeee ♥
(the first changmin has foregone pants, he didn't actually forego them at all. at least not out of his own will. they were visiting striken by poverty areas in cambodia. the sight of barely dressed children caused yunho to make the most unbearable puppy faces and at one point changmin couldn't take it anymore and he kind of, took his expensive perfectly fitted armani pants off and gave them to children. ...ofc he didn't take them in front of the kids and neither did he stay pantless for the long time but the only available piece of clothing were micro shorts and it kind of. became a tradition afterwards - after the photographs of famous philanthropist shim changmin wearing a pair of awfully skimpy, buttocks revealing pants spread all over the world. it became a gesture of sorts? that there are more important than being decently dressed, especially when there are people in need. yes. (i'm really tired rn and it's almost 4am ahahahah 8DDD no judging please)

and let me just eeeeeeee further at your comment on the other tag fic.

also, "when we visit" is the most perfect opener ♥

thanks for the awesome comment ♥
Edited Date: 2012-12-08 02:47 am (UTC)

Date: 2012-12-14 12:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
on the mention of @ fics, I might as well mention the one you wrote. last night? was it. ummm :D:DD I'll be honest and admit that I didn't really get it then and I can't even remember what i thought but! in my defence! it was superlate and I had already been dozing for an hour or so 'D but then I read it when I woke up and was all bright and cheery. somewhat at least. I love the fact that you don't out right say what Changmin does or where/what Yunho is. I actually had to lay down the phone for a while and just think before I settled into my interpretation which you then later more or less confirmed with your convo with isa. I guess the differences were that I did not see Changmin as very independent, somehow very controlled and ordered around by his manager. the mention of romance novel being a change of pace was such a lovely comparison to his real life and the times Yunho is there but still terribly at the same time because a story is all it can be. and ending it with the 'maybe' is just cruel, okay ;; because it leaves me wishing for the maybe too and ugh not fair

SO. NOW TO THE ACTUAL REPLY :D: shush now, I know you love me anyway<3 (yes these replies/comments are my way of buying back your love, I know it's working, don't try to deny it)

I do hope the meme fills haven't exhausted you, you have been writing such great things! ; A ; they were such a saviour those days you posted them since they were the ones just before my exams and ugh they were crazy.

one day I want to see all the faces you make = u = or when we visit I can finally give you a face comment! because ugh so much easier, I'll just make faces at you for giving all me these feelings. words are stupid anyway~

I'll admit to your logic on the order of drabbles being very solid. :I did. not think of that :IIII BUT SHAME ON ANYONE WHO STARTS A QUALITY DRABBLE DUMP LIKE YOURS AND DOES NOT FINISH >:III

Ahh it must suck to have a great au idea but not make it work they way you want to. But I hope that you'll try again sometime, because this had so much potential * u * your aus, like I've said a million times, are so wonderful but I really like to see one where you explore the world even more? they are often such good studies of their relationship that the setting ends up in the background.

crack is hard, I totally agree on the 'what is too much and what is funny' point. it is hard to find a balance but tbh one of the comments to get is to hear you made someone laugh :D so. it's worth it on occasion 'D

I clearly need to start collecting '*___*'s too. but we are the best at cracking Homin related mysteries (9* ^ *)9


I have so abused 'when we visit' but it's really exciting okay, can it be february already * A *

Date: 2012-12-15 02:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
except it wasn't an @ fic 8D mmm, tbh i was (and am) aware that people could get confused by this fic? since most of the things are only hinted at and the whole piece is so vastly self-indulgent. i was suddenly inspired and i guess i wanted to try writing one of these "one day" fics and it was mostly for myself only 8D so lol, i suppose no self-defence necessary.
as for changmin not being independent/being very controlled by his manager. in my head it's not like this at all? i left some hints and idk if it came across (possibly not~) but changmin is blind? so say, his manager picking him up, leading him by his elbow etc etc while maybe not what everyone would prefer, is something he doesn't mind? i suppose he has his stick as well but if he goes to work which doesn't require much of him in terms of moving around (since it's all taken care by his manager), he foregoes it? and that aside - changmin just. doesn't care much about the way things proceed? or more like, he can't be bothered? it's more important to focus on the task at hand and the job itself. so he leaves all the other preparations to his manager.
....there's much more to this that i didn't tell as opposed as to what i did, lol. but yeah, like i said, this was mostly for myself so in a way as far as readers are concerned, i was very curious as to what they'd get from the story? what did come across.
"more or less confirmed" - what then did you actually think? :>
and well. "maybe" is more generous than "probably not". but um, changmin isn't lucky very often. *^*
also, i was supposed to write about him brushing his teeth but i forgot :<<<< and now he's bound to have a bad breath :<<<<

ofc i do, never said otherwise. *^* but the best way to buy my love is surrender and write. a certain fic :)

ahahaha, possibly they did. /o\ i'll try to write the remaining ones but i've been terribly uninspired and idk. hopefully i'll find it in myself to write the rest. without running away into random thousands at midnight. but i'm glad these were of some use to you <3

lol, face comment. idt anyone's ever given me one. XD and hmmm, i either tend to be blank or too animated, facial expressions wise. but lol, yes, we're going to feast on each other's facial expressions.

shame on them indeed but since, like you can see, i don't really get much commenters, it's hard to tell how many people visiting my writing LJ actually read what i post. so i have to prioritise :< so, coffee ficlet for the starters since it's nice and easy and undemanding and then i proceed with wacking people over heads with some ~special~ stuff.

nope, getting something that i wrote posted is a catharsis of sorts and i abandon these by posting them :< but hmmm, with messier ideas quite a few things may get end up being lost? since sometimes they wander quite far from the original concept. i suppose it's just the way AUs work in general? which i mean, me taking up something i once wrote again, whether i was satisfied with it or not, isn't very likely to happen. i'm not one of these cool people that actually have drafts of their stories and know where they want them to lead *^*
as for the deeper exploration of the worlds i show in my AUs... the thing is i never really expand on the ideas even in my head? there are bits and pieces that i don't include in the final effect but they wouldn't add that much to actual world-building? it's like details, random tidbits that happened to occur to me but not really relevant. and well, to explore them further the fics would have to be longer? i can't possibly stuff too much info into a short piece. and well, writing long things isn't my forte :/

lol, play a hangman! for each *___* you add a stroke and when the stickman dies, i'll kill one of homin in a fic :>

it issssss <3

Date: 2013-05-16 06:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'll have to say the coffeeshop AU, the TV narrator!shim au and the rich ghey homin (ahhhhh this one is leader of the pack yes yes 8D I love it so) AU caught my attention the most. That's not to say that all of them aren't interesting in their own right -I went @.@ at stars, too colossal for me teeny brain to comprehend- but those three are the ones that I'm actually eager for you to develop into full blown fics (but you said you're not really in the mood for homin anymore, sob).

Okay, let me arrange my thoughts a little.

Coffee shop! AU-
I like the feeling of it, it's very chill, very laid back and relaxed, very Tuscany (you know, three hour lunches and slow pace of life etc. etc.). Most coffee-shop!AUs in homin fandom are more fast-paced and more... I don't know, CoffeePrincesque?
But I prefer this more, it's more real and there's that tiny tinge of romance and possible things to come woven into it that just gets me. Agh, I'm kind of making a mess of explaining just why I like it but. But.
Okay, in summary-- it paints a summery sort of picture, that kind that you see on Instagram with soft focus filters but certain essential details sharpened in, and I really love it. It's like a mug of latte macchiato, it goes down slow and milky but then there there's that faint kick, the bitter aftertaste that's just slightly there.

TV narrator!Shim AU-
Ahhhhh. This one. This one has so much potential! Jung's obsession fascination adoration preoccupation with Shim's voice is just nnngh. And I can imagine how you have Shim read out the lines, it's similar to the way he says Chaljjinae, right? All deep and soft and caring. (A major reason why I still put up with him even though he's such a sod at times.)
I can just envision, what if one day Jung is at the supermarket, trying to reach for something at the very back of the top shelf and being all cross because hello, he's tall, it's so embarrassing that he can't even grab for something on his own- and then This Voice sounds in his ear and it's all lovely and deep and most important of all Familiar, and an arm that's longer than his reaches for what he's grabbing at and the Voice goes, "is this what you wanted?"
And Jung is all frozen because he knows this voice and- and- well okay now you know how much I like this. HAHA.

Rich!ghey!Homin! (I refuse to call this AU because this is what all of us delusional fangirls want to see)-
I'm just kdlfjlkajsdlkasldkaldksdjlkadjkjgkldkf. This is what all HoMin/ChangminHo shippers long for and just. Askdjkfjslkjlskfjdlkfjls. Also, the thing about Shim indulging Jung and being all embarrassed by it is just so perfectly characterised and I'm just kdjflksjdlakjsdlkajsdlk. Yeah. I LIKE IT A LOT. And Jung with children, always a perfect combination to make a fic pop and and it makes me think of the two of them on Hello with that naughty little boy and that was so family portrait worthy, that moment. And and. Asdjkfjgklsjlkdjlskfjldkf. Yep. Gdkjksdlsk.

Date: 2013-07-08 09:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] terribly late reply coming up!

So first let me jusr say that I'm really really glad that you liked those. And also, that when I get a really nice comment, I sometimes don't know what to say back so I just stare at it and put it off and off and then things like this happen :'( Tragic.

I've never watched Coffee Prince but I guess I can imagine. But ahaha, I don't drink coffee much so me and coffee shops aren't a good combo. But I try every now and then because I'm a nice person and I like to indulge my friends (vide: coffee shop!AU obsessed Isa).
Anyway, I'm not too good at fast-paced or fluffy so I prefer something like this.
And now let me flail how this was the loveliest metaphor ever ;; So easy to understand, too.

Narrator Shim started with me live tweeting it and then realising I could actually write it in one piece. XD There's no deeper meaning to it *^* But I guess I really like Changmin's spoken voice, it has this soothing quality to it?
But ahaha, no such fateful encounters, this will remain Jung/Hand 8D

Glad you liked this silly thing XD There's sorta continuation but not really in my reply to Sohii

Thank you for the awesome comment! \o/ I will try and stare at the others while I'm at it.


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