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Title: Eye of the Beholder
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Pairing: Homin
Rating: G
Words: 815
A/N: ...So lol, this is going to sound silly but this was inspired by this? XD Another drabble for [ profile] isaofdoom set in this universe. ...And there may be more of this? Omg, I'm so sorry /o\ Only, not at all.

It’s been exactly three weeks since Yunho learnt his name in a very mortifying turn of events that involved Changmin fumbling with his wallet, dropping his ID into a cup (not his cup, either) of coffee and Yunho fishing it out with two spoons and a joyful "oh, so your name is Changmin?" when he handed it back to him after he wiped the foam off. Not that he counted or something. But it’s Monday again and the deadline of his essay that he got assigned three weeks ago, so there’s no other option, right? ...That’s the version Changmin’s going to stick to.

He’s sitting at one of the tables in the corner of the coffee shop with Kyuhyun, his classmate and – God only knows how that happened – his best friend, trying to, well, write said essay so he’d have something to turn in by midnight. Almost like some poor, student version of Cinderella, a part of his subconsciousness supplies helpfully and he’s about to tell it to fuck off when he hears a pleasant "Changmin-sshi?" and feels the light, tentative weight of warm fingers on his arm. He jolts in his seat and flails, almost sending his laptop flying across the table.

"Oh, I’m sorry!" Yunho exclaims with sincere worry and retreats his hand (which Changmin welcomes with a pang of strange relief-slash-regret) while Kyuhyun snickers with equally sincere derision across him. "I didn’t mean to scare you," he continues with a slightly abashed smile. "But I was wondering if you wouldn’t help me? See, you probably don’t know but I haven’t been a barista for long?".
And oh, Changmin knows, his stomach has already told him that weeks ago but for some reason he’s ignored the advice of the organ he used to trust the most right after his brains. He doesn’t know what went so terribly wrong but the trust to either is now long gone. ...He really needs to do something about this newly formed habit of conversing with himself in his head. Especially when it happens in public. In front of Yunho. God.

"And I’ve been taking this course of foam art?" snaps him out of his reverie. "I need to practice a bit before I start doing it at the shop but I thought that maybe—" Yunho’s voice gains a hesitant edge to it for a shortest of moments, "—you could be my, well, guinea pig for the day is probably the best expression for it, I guess," a short warm laughter leaves his lips.

Kyuhyun kicks him in the shin.

"Yes, I’d love to—" he blurts out and is about to glare at this poor mimicry of a friend when he realises what he just said but then Yunho speaks up again.

"Ah, it’ll be on the house, of course!" Changmin makes the fatal mistake of finally turning slightly to lift his eyes at Yunho and his smile almost blinds him with its intensity and essay? --what essay.

He tries to reciprocate with a smile of his own and he’s not sure if he succeeded but Yunho’s cheeks get just a tad pink and Kyuhyun cough-giggles, so maybe it did.

"I’ll be right back," Yunho beams at him and he nods dumbly in reply.

Needless to say, Yunho’s just as bad at foam art as he’s at making coffee and clearly it’s by miracle that Changmin somehow manages no to insult him irrevocably with his total inability to guess what Yunho’s just drawn. Granted, he doubts that anyone possesses the skills to appreciate that kind of drawing genius but it still doesn’t make him feel any less like he’s just failed horribly in some inexplicable way when he sees Yunho’s smile diminish bit by bit with each next cup. ...He’s going to have a terrible stomachache in the evening.

That’s when Changmin’s mouth chooses to take over and surprises everyone at the table – himself included with suddenly exclaimed "Your art is really original! This one is very creative, I think."

Yunho gazes at him dubiously for what seems to be eternity but then, his face comes alight again with a smile when he notices how earnest Changmin is. (Shim Changmin’s not earnest. Or at least he’s never been before.)

"Maybe you’re right," the grin is back, not as bright as it should be but it’s back and Changmin’s heart does that stupid thadump thing while the feeling of vague accomplishment creeps upon him.

He goes home only when Yunho’s shift ends (and it’s always on the closing hours on Mondays).
And what do you know, turns out beating yourself over how dumb you were makes for a pretty good motivational kick and so after three hours of furious writing, he somehow manages to turn his essay in on time.
When two weeks later he learns he got actual B, he’s not surprised either.

Comments as always very appreciated ♥
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