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I'm doing this tropes meme at tumblr right now and [ profile] sohii asked me to repost the stuff to LJ as well so here goes. There are going to be two batches although I don't know when the other is going to come since I haven't answered all the asks yet (4 remaining). The pieces here are of varying length/genre/weirdness level - it's a huge mixmash basically. Enjoy? :>

stars | for [ profile] sohii

changmin falls in love with stars as a kid. he’s fascinated by the way they shine so brilliant and cold and then he learns they’re incandescent and he. wants. he wants them so badly. he dreams of them, his mind full of images he could see and things he could experience on them, were it possible to actually go to them. it’s not. he’s a mere human and yearning is all that’s accessible to him.

he meets yunho when he’s fifteen. he’s strange, that boy. he seems all cool and high and mighty, his eyes alight with some strange sort of cold passion. changmin’s fascinated. then he gets his first taste of the quirk of yunho’s lips and he’s lost. it’s blinding, this smile. it burns with its intensity and changmin, changmin has two obsessions now.

one day yunho disappears. it happens without a word. he’s just. gone. changmin tries to find him but all his attempts come to naught. he realises he’s never heard yunho talk about any relatives. he startles, when he becomes aware he’s never been to yunho’s house.

he gazes at the stars and they glitter at him, tiny dots of gold and ice. he knows better though. and suddenly. he knows. he understands and it’s too late and he curses at the glimmering spots in the distance, so far away, forever unreachable. he shouts at them, his voice loud and strong until it cracks on the drawn out “o”, until it trails off at, “come back”.

genderswap | for anon

yunho doesn’t just wake up a woman, no, that’d be too easy, too merciful. that’d be too like straight from a comic book and reality begs to differ. no, it happens when he’s just sitting on his bed and reading a novel. suddenly, he feels kind of. weird. his hands that are holding a book are different, smaller although as boney as usual. he studies one of them curiously, blinking. he props the book on one of the pillow and he raises the other hand to rub at his eyes because surely, it’s just his eyes playing a trick on him? he must’ve tired them out from all these hours spent staring at the small print. that’s when he notices them. his chest looks different. under the colourful print of his t-shirt there they are. round and ample and alien. he brings his hands and touches tentatively. squeezes. and then he blanches. he scrambles from the bed and to the bathroom, knocking the pillows and the book off in his haste. he wrenches the door open and in a second is in front of the big mirror above the sink. he’s been suspecting it but the reality is still far too strange and unbelieveable. the height is all wrong but there’s a girl staring at him. she looks almost like jihye, except not quite. her hair is cropped short and her face is marked with a delicate lace of scars. her lips are full and her nose shapely but small. it’s his own face looking at him, his almond-shaped eyes - the only thing unchanged - wide and his mouth opened around a disbelieving “o”. that’s when he screams.

(changmin insists on all the sex of course. at first he’s as shocked and distrusting as yunho himself - herself? - is but then he asks him several questions that even the craziest fangirls wouldn’t know the answers to and that’s when he knows. that’s also when he meets yunho’s, “so what do we do now, god, what do i DO,” with a short pause and then, “let’s have sex.”

“…you’re not being serious,” yunho doesn’t say, he just gives him a glare and he has to strain his neck to look up and see changmin’s face and if it isn’t all kinds of annoying. at least his scowl seems to be more effective than usually. what do you know, changmin must be weak to women that look like yunho (or maybe it’s women in general) and he gets all flustered and he blushes but he still holds yunho’s gaze.

“what!” he spits, crossing his arms defensively. “it’s your fault that i have never tried sex with women.”)

pretending to be married | for [ profile] gwenpotter

yunho’s forty-four and he just wants a child. he wants it so badly that he doesn’t care about the how’s anymore. so when the new law about homosexual couples getting priority in adoption gets issued, he takes all his moral rules that he’s always prided himself on and buries them along all the other things that just haven’t worked out in his life. along his other failures.

he puts up an ad in a newspaper. it’s deceptively simple in content, plain words, complicated intent and he waits. he gets all sorts of people calling him and he meets with them in inconspicuous places, always in disguise, his mouth concealed with a scarf and his eyes hidden behind sunglasses. he’s well aware of the stakes and the risk he’s taking but he feels like it may be his last chance and so, against all reason, he takes it. latches on it with desperation of a drowning man, uncaring about splints that threaten to sink deep under his skin.

finally after months of searching, he finds him. the perfect candidate for his fake spouse. he’s young and he’s smart and he knows the stakes too. quiet and deceptively unassuming, he listens to yunho explain his issue in all the roundabout words and he offers perfect answers to yunho’s questions. normally, yunho’s wary of perfection - it’s far too fickle, too big of a lie. right now he can’t bring himself to care. (the man is also breath-takingly beautiful but yunho tries to squash the thought. it wouldn’t do to get attracted to him.)

he hires changmin (changmin is his name) and he transfers a huge amount in advance to the man’s account set up in a foreign bank and he promises to pay him yet more afterwards. they get married in a small church in a town where no one knows them, where neither of them has been to before. at least that’s what changmin says and yunho has no choice but to trust him.

changmin moves in. he needs to know why’s and how’s if he’s supposed to pretend to be married to yunho, to be a member of yunho’s precious future family. he’s quick-witted, connects the dots with seemingly no effort, memorises all that’s required with a certain ease, with a certain grace. he gets on well with the neighbours. soon, after mere two months, yunho feels like he’s ready to apply for the adoption.

they both attend an interview held to initially gauge if they’re appropriate candidates to take a hapless human being in. changmin enamours the interviewer, an older woman in glasses with a sincere smile. he does so lying through his teeth, his mouth quirked hopefully and his eyes big and earnest. he’s almost as convincing as yunho. case in point, they both charm the interviewer and as they bid their goodbyes, she takes their hands in her own and promises with a joyous enthusiasm in her voice that the institution is going to contact them soon.

somehow, miraculously so, the next meetings showcase them in an even more advantageous light than the first. they both pass psychological tests with flying colours, yunho garnering praises for his passion and dedication and changmin - for his attentiveness and responsible attitude. (money is a good incentive, it seems.) the community interview only enforces their favourable image and within three months, the adoption’s as good as certain.

when yunho first visits his future child, when he first cradles the sleepily blinking bundle, his heart almost threatens to burst. changmin watches on from the side before the person in charge ushers him to yunho. she guides changmin’s hand to the baby’s own, small one and suddenly his ring finger gets grasped by tiny, fragile but strong digits. changmin startles, lets out a small gasp. his eyes crinkle mismatchedly as he smiles. their eyes lock and yunho’s heart breaks.

the documentation’s all done after another five weeks. it’s sunny, sky blue and clear when yunho finally brings his daughter home. he puts her in nursery, all furniture brand new and colourful and bright and happy. he spends the whole day fretting over small jiyul, taking care of her. changmin watches on with a small smile on his face as he reads a book sitting in a comfortable armchair. (the armchair yunho bought only after changmin’s moved in, after discovering his affinity for reading.)

yunho falls asleep with his head on his arms, half kneeling, half lying on the pillow propped on jiyul’s cot. he wakes up to a blanket that wasn’t there when he drifted off over his shoulders.

he wakes up to changmin gone.

kissing to save the day | for [ profile] isaofdoom

yunho’s dying. his lips are pale blue and his chest is heaving as he’s writhing where he’s just collapsed on the pavement. his hands are clutching weakly at his throat in a silent plea for life and changmin, changmin doesn’t have his O2 capsule on him. he always brings an extra whenever he goes out but just yesterday he had to work over-hours and he used it up and forgot to pack a new one and yunho said he was fine and god

god, yunho’s almost stopped breathing and he doesn’t know what to do. his mind is failing him and vaguely he feels himself starting to panic so he bites hard into the flesh of his wrist. he can think again but he still has no clue. in an act of desperation he rips at yunho’s clothes, turns his pockets inside out and there’s nothing, nothing in there and then, then he finds it. a single capsule slipped into a small hole in yunho’s left breast pocket. his fingers trembling, he fishes it out and he clutches it in the palm of his hand before he forces himself to open it and think.

yunho’s in no state to swallow anything, his throat constricting around the puffs of CO2 that continues to make its way to his lungs. changmin has to hurry, has to come up with something now. his eyes go to yunho’s face and they land on his lips and it occurs to him, he knows. he inserts the capsule into his own mouth and on his knees he leans over yunho. anchoring him so he doesn’t move too much with the weight of one hand on yunho’s chest, he slides the other one under his nape. it’s not going to work, not stable enough so his left hand leaves yunho’s sternum and craddles his face instead.

finally, he puts his lips to yunho’s own, trembling ones and he bites into the capsule. if he believed in any god and had a mind for that, he’d be praying right now but he doesn’t so he just makes sure their lips are locked and he does his best to transfer all the air to yunho’s mouth and then trachea instead. soon the other’s breathing evens out and changmin retreats slightly and expels a breath of relief of his own. his eyes feel heavy, too much oxygen and his mind is swimming and he feels like shouting, like crying, like holding onto yunho and never letting go. he realigns yunho’s limbs so he’s more comfortable, gingerly lets his head lay on his lap. the colour of yunho’s face is back to normal and he’s breathing and he looks alive.

later changmin’s going to claim in his mind that it was oxygen’s fault, as he leans down and puts his lips to yunho’s again. his heart filled half with immense joy and half with guilt, he kisses him softly and he prays (he prays this time) yunho doesn’t remember it when he retains his consciousness.

(and a bonus for [ profile] changmin_amour
…he doesn’t? remember. he wakes up of course, apologies spilling from his lips and changmin in his arms shortly after. he doesn’t remember and there are no vague memories of someone’s lips on his own. he doesn’t touch them tentatively, curiously as if he still could feel the way changmin’s lips were pressed to his, lovingly, softly so.

he knows what happened and what changmin did to save him and he can’t contain his gratitude (and neither can he contain his guilt) so changmin gets showered with extra touches since that’s what yunho does. he doesn’t learn the whole truth now. he never does. (changmin drowns in the warmth of yunho’s hand on his and sinks into yunho when the other man embraces him and he does nothing.)

day at the beach | for [ profile] glitterburn

yunho runs his hand through the sand, the tiny dry grains slipping through his fingers. his hair is gracefully tousled, his face is warm with the sunlight that makes him squint his eyes since he’s not wearing sunglasses. the wind’s playful, not too strong but not too light either - just enough for the breeze to bring refreshment and a hint of saltiness when his dabs his tongue lightly over the upper bow of his lips.

he steals a glance at changmin, soft and daring in equal measures before he leans back and lets his body fall and rest on the cushion of sand. he’s going to be all dirty later but for now, it doesn’t matter. there’s only the almost silky feel of the sand underneath him, the sounds of the waves, the suggestion of pleasant humidity in the air. there’s only him and changmin.

the corners of changmin’s lips curve in a shy hint of a smile, his eyes coming alight with a joyful gleam as he follows in yunho’s steps. his long, lean body spreads on the sand and he turns his face up. he stays like this for a moment, the skin of his face soaking up the sunlight like a sponge before he tilts his head in yunho’s direction. he closes his eyes, his expression all blissful and relaxed and then—

“CUT!” comes a yell, breaking the illusion of rest. “guys, that’s perfect,” the cameraman/photographer exclaims, his voice ladden with enthusiasm. “let’s take a short break now, drink some water or something but seriously, just keep this up and we’ll have a wonderful photoshoot on our hands,” he chatters.

yunho props himself on his elbows as changmin heavies himself up, a sigh spilling from his lips. as the the site gets busy, the air fills with the noise of the staff’s purposeful movements, the equipment getting checked again, refreshments being prepared.

“that’s not what i had in mind when i mentioned spending a day at the beach,” changmin mutters, his brows slightly furrowed, the corners of his mouth turned down in a barely there pout.

“yeah, me neither,” yunho murmurs in a soothing voice, as he laces their fingers together, concealing the gesture under a layer of sand.

mistletoe kiss | for [ profile] sparklypoga

changmin was acting. strange. granted it was changmin and he had his quirks and his moods and his... more than slightly crazy ideas but this, this was something else. changmin agreeing to yunho decorating their apartment for christmas wasn't odd - he might not be a christian himself but he's never restricted yunho's creative ways of celebrating. but him taking yunho up on his offer of buying some trinkets and illuminations for his room as well? and not only that, actually suggesting he could help yunho with shopping at the mall? talk about unexpected. changmin positively hated such crowded places and even yunho going there by himself would be risky, the two of them was just begging for them to get exposed.

and yet, here they were, in their perfect disguises (that still were never enough) amongst the merry crowd. ...which actually wasn't so merry - some of these people's facial expressions were simply murderous. none of them matched changmin's own mien though. he was like a thundercloud personnified. yunho felt that if he touched him right now, he might get electrocuted.

at least, shopping with changmin was effective? if it were only yunho, he'd spend whole hours running around, drawn by the colourful set-outs. ...maybe people were a bit right calling him a huge five-year-old. with changmin as company they stormed through the shops, ticking various positions off the painstakingly prepared beforehand by the younger man list as they bought the items. ("god, yunho, were you really planning on going without a shopping list? no wonder you always take forever at the mall.")

miraculously, they managed to get away with no one recognising them, even though there were several close calls. back at home, they started unpacking all their purchases - or, more precisely, changmin reading the list out loud and yunho rummaging through the bags and taking the mentioned objects out. it was all proceeding smoothly when suddenly changmin literally pounced on him and snatched away the bag he was just about to open.

"not this one," he snapped at yunho's wide-eyed surprise, his cheeks and ears slightly... red? yunho's detective senses tingling, he concluded that there must've been some damning evidence there. his eyes met with changmin's and they held each other's gazes for a long tense moment. then yunho threw himself at changmin, succeeding in knocking both of them over. changmin sprawled on the thick, fluffy carpet of their living room with yunho's arms around his midriff.

"damnnit, yunho, are you crazy," he hissed as the object that was to be blamed for yunho's assault lay abanoned to his left. yunho scrambled in its direction but before he could get to it, changmin wrestled him over so their positions were reversed, changmin kneeling astride yunho's chest with the bag clutched safely in his hand.

he glared. yunho pouted. changmin's expression of outrage wilted slightly as yunho sneaked a hand between their bodies and started stroking his waist gently.

after a moment he decided to finally break the silence and inquired softly, "so, what is this about? what's the big secret?" he pouted some more for the effect, his eyes all big and sad.

"...ugh, don't give me this look!" changmin thumped yunho's chest lightly with his free hand, his eyes darting to the side, marking his hesitance. finally, he deflated a bit, sighing in defeat. with a blush making its way on his face, he yanked the bag open and threw its contents out on yunho. yunho squinted at the offending object lying on his sternum, uncomprehending at first and then-- oh.

"is this...?" he enquired quietly, trying to rein in the threatening to slip away amused chuckle.

"yes, it is, okay? it's mistletoe. go ahead, you can laugh at me now," changmin spit out, embarrassment ringing clear in his tone, visible in the redness of his cheeks.

"i wasn't going to laugh!" yunho protested, the mirth in his voice belying his words.

"..." changmin glowered at him some more.

"okay, so maybe i was, here, you caught me red-handed!" he conceded, which of course won him only another thump from an abashed man sitting on top of him. struck with a sudden thought, yunho reached for the forgotten by now mistletoe and extended it to changmin. when changmin just stared at his hand, he nudged him with the plant slightly and as changmin made to bat it away, he offered with a smile on his face.

"how about we use it for what i'm assuming you bought it for?"

changmin stitled, his eyes searching yunho's face for a moment and then he burst into a hearty laughter, relaxing. "what's so funny," didn't manage to make it through yunho's lips because then changmin went, "you're right, it wouldn't do to waste it," as he leaned right into yunho's space, mistletoe held above their heads. with an armful of changmin and changmin's warm, generous lips on his own, yunho certainly wasn't going to complain.

Comments much appreciated~ ♥
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