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Soooooooo. This is going to be tough to write because so many unorganised thoughts and my memory kinda sucks and yesterday already feels like hundred years ago like it's always the case with good things.

Mind you, this is a as much of a concert fanaccount as it's something very personal and for me to have something to look back on later so I'm probably going to write quite a bit about the day that proceeded the concert day.

So, the day before the concert I went to the lovely and cool February Boys' place as we agreed upon it before. We had a nice dinner at Ootoya and then we watched Flying with the gold at hers' \o/ I must admit that there were quite a few moments where I just didn't understand the dialogue. One'd think that having visuals to help you should make things easier than when reading the book but I assume many things were summarised in the film and so when you had the charas conversing, it was just difficult. XD The lack of kanjis/subtitles didn't faciliate the experience either.

Overall tho, I liked the movie and I actually think Changmin's acting was quite good. I'm not sure how much this opinion is influenced by the trend of referring to Changmin as "Momo" among the fans, but when I was watching the film, he felt like Momo. There were some facial expressions that invoked snorts of laughter but that too felt like one of the attributes of the character called "Momo" and not "Changmin that's bad at portraying Momo". If that makes sense.
And now I understand the better why people were gushing about Kouda-san and Momo's relationship, it was quite special indeed.
We also watched the extras from the DVD and frankly, the offshots were just badly edited. Many useless, irrelevant scenes left in and things that were more interesting got just squeezed into a digest. Very few Changmin scenes (barely any, really) which's surprising considering that the crew had to be aware how huge part of the buyers will be Tohoshinki fans. Quite disappointing, really. There were also no interviews with the actors and that was a let-down too.

Anyway, now I really want to continue with reading the book but gah, it's really hard. ;; All that difficult vocabulary when they're discussing the robbery plan.

After we finished Flying with the gold, we also watched We Are T. Isn't that like one of the best things ever ;; Ahhhhhhhh. It was perfect for setting right pre-concert mood. We went to sleep quite late (3am?) and got up around 7 so that wasn't the most restful night ever XD

Before I start the fanaccount of the day of the concert - the pics will be at the end \o/

We left for Saitama around 10am I think? Maybe a bit earlier, don't remember anymore. When we reached the station, because the venue is really just like a minute away, we immediately saw quite a few Toho fans. (It was also fun to observe co-passengers on our ride there and comment on who is obviously going to the con too and who looks like they might be just going too.)
We thought that there would be a queue for the goods but surprisingly, there was none so we got over with our shopping real fast. I ended up buying the pamphlet (a photobook, really) and the travel pouch even tho I was only planning on the latter orz. And FB got the pamphlet, the bracelet (got red too \o/ fate was merciful I guess *^* tho I guess I'd be kinda iffy only if I got the salmon-ish one), the glass and the key ring.
...And here goes some complaining since I totally insisted there was no people lining up because the goods' overal design is so... unfortunate. I really really dislike it rather intensely (which most friends already know but FB heard it at least several time yesterday lol.)

Then we went to eat and I finally got the chance to try a real standard ramen *^* Pretty delicious~

After we were done with replenishing our nutrition, we walked a bit around the area close to the venue, dropped by a convenience store too (since I needed a plastic bag for the pamphlet lol). And then! We went to the Bigeast booth and I registered and omg ;; I'm officially Bigeast now and poorer by 6,000 yen ;; But I won't feel "official" enough until I get my card so please come quickly <333

When we were resting (and trying to take a picture of us imitating the Homin pose from the pamphlet's cover using FB's Bigeast towel as a prop and failing 8D), the queue for the goods suddenly started getting longer and longer and soon it was pretty amazing.

Then we went to meet FB's mom at the hotel. She told us some bits about the concert on the day before but since we didn't want spoilers, it wasn't that much. And also, she treated me to a parfait and coffee ;; She was so nice <3

And then finally, we made our way to the venue, along with the numerous fans. My heart was beating quite hard ahahaha and it only got worse when we actually got inside and found our seats. Which, btw, were pretty damn good actually? Probably thanks to the fact that we actually had FB's Bigeast seats ;; (Thank you again for this opportunity, dear ;;) Anyway, we were sitting smack in the middle opposite the stage? Plus some metres and then more metres ofc 8D But it was a very good angle to watch from! And since our seats were situated at the slant (the kind when you have rows of seats at the stairs? what do you even call that in English) hopefully the person behind me was able to see the scene well enough. (It'd be impossible in the stands ahaha.)

The concert started with a slight delay, 10-15 minutes? The red ocean was a sight to behold, ahhhh. It was an awesome feeling to be a part of this. ;;

Hmm, I probably won't be writing according to the setlist since Idk if I'll have something coherent to say about each song.
But just for the record, the setlist for 2013.04.28:

1) Fated 2) Android 3) Superstar 4) I Don’t Know Talk
5) Still 6) Duet 7) One More Thing
VCR 8) Y3K 9) Purple Line 10) Humanoids
Band’s Introduction 11) I Know 12) Heart, Mind & Soul 13) One and Only One
Talk(?) 14) Rat Tat Tat VCR 15) Yunho solo 16) Changmin solo
Dancers Time 17) Blink
VCR 18) Survivor 19) Share the World 20) Sky 21) 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai) 22) Catch Me – if you wanna
23) Why? Keep Your Head Down Talk 24) Ocean 25) Shine 26) We Are 27) Summer Dream 28) In Our Time

So. Tlist kind of discussed it before how Fated may be the opening song and I was just thinking the same thing yesterday morning and it turned out to be true! The first sounds were so thrilling ;; A very good concert opener, imo. Set the atmosphere just right and gah, the entrance was totally cool too. The two got slowly lowered in these cages and ahhhh. So, so awesome ;; And ofc everyone wanted to see their faces ASAP too so this only added to the slightly conflicted excitement.
When the cages finally lifted enough to show the two, everyone screamed really loud. Their outfits were these white... coats of sorts with big shoulders. (The overall look was kind of. big.)

Android was really good too. ;; I really like the song and as expected, the choreo is so dramatic, you can't just tear your eyes away.

Superstar... Well, I'm not a fan of the song altho I find it a perfect music for fast walking because it sets some mean pace. But it's a song that sure livens up the atmosphere and you don't even sound so stupid when you chant, "shout like an eeyo," at the venue. As I grudgingly admit. The moment when Toho and the dancers were standing with their backs facing us was mega cool too. (Cool is definitely a word I'm going to abuse while writing this fanaccount lol.)

I was really looking forward to STILL and desperately hoping they'd perform Duet too because I just adore the song so I was delighted they actually did. And the songs fit together well too. Ofc, they got lifted up during Duet and now that I think of it, they've already taken off the coats by then? Probably for Superstar. Anyway, the wires at their shoulders looked a bit painful. (I heard that apparently they didn't fly today? I wonder why :<)

One More Thing was awesome live and the choreo had some really adorable moments like when they raised one finger when singing the lyrics. Changmin was particularly cute when doing that. :3

And then, the VCR! At first I was wondering if it's going to be Humanoids or Y3K and we tried to guess it but the doubts finally disappeared when the opening lines came. *^* Anyway, the VCR was really nice and futuristic and had the boys being ejected from their capsules(?) and then free-falling. It also had Changmin suddenly pointing a gun in Yunho's direction which made most of the audience let out a gasp because omg, what is happening suddenly, are they enemies after all? But nope, it was just Changmin saving Yunho's life ahahaha 8D And then not managing to save his life. 8D Anyway, the VCR was very dramatic and over the top and niceeeeee.

Y3K was... dangerous. Amazing really. I liked the song but wasn't that crazy about it before but I think the performance might've converted me just because it was so cool and attractive. And the face Yunho made at one moment. Argh. ヤベー

Purple Line was a total surprise and the audience's reaction to it was just crazy. I didn't even consider this song for this concert but was elated that they did perform it. Who wasn't, really. Really really powerful, they sounded great and, Changmin wanting to touch himself.

And then Humanoids which drove the people even further. Seriously, the sight of them dancing their hearts out. The choreo. I was really looking forward to Humanoids and this was more than I could've wished for.
The whole sequence of Y3K -> PL -> H was just no joke. Too amazing, way too amazing. And so intense! They must've been dying after these 3 songs in a row.

I made a dash for the toilet during the band introduction and made it just in time for Heart Mind and Soul. Again, this was something I'd've never expected them to perform but they did so well ;; Everyone couldn't contain their joy. They sounded so good.

I adore One and Only One so it was great to hear it live <3

Rat Tat Tat I'm not used to having heard it for the first time only yesterday morning but it was a fun performance with comic-like effects on the screens \o/

The VCR that came afterwards and, as I assume, was supposed to be related to the solos... Tbh, I didn't get it lol. Yunho with a gun entwined with a footage of Changmin being total crap with children as he is and ruining a little girl's fun (his onscreen reaction made me smile real hard because ahaha, so Changmin) just didn't make sense. And in no way reflected the actual solos. XD
Anyway, Yunho sang in an old-fashioned gray & black suit and he used an equally old-fashioned microphone stand \o/ The song was nice, I guess? Same goes for Changmin who chose something that let him show just what his lungs are made of. Fun but nothing special. Tbh, after the total genius of Rusty Nail, this was a bit disappointing. :< But Changmin himself looked like he really enjoyed himself and he conveyed those feelings to the audience so this was good~

Dancers were cool \o/ Also, the songs used for the background made me a bit sad because I knew that if they appeared in such manner, they're not a part of the setlist. I Think U Know ;; Mirotic ;; Ahhh, ITUK is one of my fave songs out of TONE (but I'm still head over the heels with the entire album lol) so it was a pity. But yeah, the routines prepared by some dancers were really nice~

Blink, I love Blink. I really like entire Android as a single and Blink may be just my fave song out of it so I was really glad to see it performed. The horrid shiny outfits (pink/magenta for Yunho and turqoise for Changmin) were another matter tho 8D And as if that wasn't enough, there was at least one set of a variation of this outfit afterwards, lol. But yeah, Blink. *___* If I remember well, it had some interesting choreo. Lots of hands movements?

Survivor was another surprise and yet again, it spurred on some mad reactions. Ahhh, they performed so well. I can't believe it's been 4 years since the song got last performed. I have a soft spot for it so it was wonderful to see it live.

And then Share the World! Was lots of fun *_* I think that's also when they got on the trolleys and went around the audience. Seeing as our seats were like 3 rows away from the space between the stands and the stairs, we were wondering from early on, if this is going to happen and yesssss, it indeed did *__* They started out with Changmin on the left and Yunho on the right. We were sitting pretty much in the middle, just a tiny bit to the left so when they were getting closer, we both got all, "which direction do I pay attention to, what do I do, how do I choose!!". But lol, they kind of passed by each other in front of us so it meant we didn't really get to see Changmin because his trolley was closer to the stands. ;; And he stopped twice of thrice much further from us so that was a huge pity. ;;
But we got Yunho's trolley stop almost right in front us? He got elevated tho so lol, for a bit it was like, so close, so far! But he really was so close. I screamed so hard *^* But to my greatest disappointment, our seats were just at the level that it was kind of hard for eye-contact so even tho it was my dream, it didn't come true ;; But Yunho! Up close! Looking so good!

Aitakute Aitakute was real good live too.

And then came Catch me and it kind of blew me away. They were wearing white outfits with several strange white strips running horizontally through their chests that turned out to light up. In different colours, too, depending on the movements and the part of the song. It was seriously cool. They're such amazing performers. ;; Catch me was the last part of the main part of the concert after which they left the stage and fans chanted, "Tohoshinki"~

Keep Your Head Down that came next was intense as always.

During the talk after KYHD they said they'll perform the new song now. Tbh, Ocean made me laugh out because the beginning is just wacky XDD Both the lyrics (can you call that lyrics) and the choreo. But it was lots of fun \o/ And I think it'll be perfect for summer and A-nation. (Not planning on buying it tho.)

We are. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Ahh, this song is special <3 (For me all the moreso since it may be just the first I've ever heard of Toho? When in 2009 I was starting getting into One Piece, I remember downloading this song and treating it as my guilty pleasure lol. Also, thinking that this version is better than the original from the beginning of the anime. But I had no clue it's Tohoshinki or even what Tohoshinki exactly. No doubt, me and Toho were destined *^* But I'm digressing.)

Shine and We Are T were the songs where the boys rode the trolleys again. We hoped to get more of Changmin this time but Idk, he stopped in completely different places? Than I thought he would. And Yunho stopped one time less than Changmin did, so we barely got Changmin and Yunho just passed us by too. XDD" I think that might've actually been a mess-up of Mr. Jung's part, lol. Anyway, I felt pretty bummed at this particular turn of events. (Also, these bastards didn't look at me even once ;; ...And I sincerely doubt the chance is going to come when in Tokyo Dome because my tickets are from a-tickets and 7-11 so obviously, not as good as BigEast stuff. :<)
Anyway, I screamed my lungs out <3

Of course, when moving around the stages, both of them were throwing signed balls and then frisbees. As expected, Yunho got too excited and ran out of his long before he reached us. (Or did he. I think he did.) And for some reason I just can't remember him throwing the frisbees? Hmm. And Changmin was awful, ahahah. The jerk was totally choosing the girls he wanted to catch the trophies. There were lots of finger pointing, flirting smiles, numerous confirming of the target and stuff. (But ofc I'm just bitter that he didn't notice me ahahaha. Not that I said that.) Anyway, it was very Changmin-like and you could see he was having so much fun and it was an awesome sight.

For Summer Dream, as always Yunho wanted everyone to follow in his footsteps but the movements he came up were impossible to imitate lol. Especially when you had people next to you. (Which, btw, I only had on the left side since my seat was right next to the stairs.)

In Our Time everyone was supposed to sing along (especially during the lalala parts) and it sounded so nice ;; It's such a great feeling to join your voice with everyone else's and bring smiles to their faces (and do I sound like a part of a cult yet) ;; I still like Weep much better for an ending song (both the melody and the lyrics) but this was awesome too.
And I think Yunho forgot a bit of his lyrics at one moment lol.

And now for the talks and overall impressions and stuff~

During the MC parts they tried out several gags. To my joy they even quickly did a bit of Bibarui even though it was only Yunho saying that his heart is full of Changmin 8D

I didn't know most of the new gags that they did so I had FB explain them to me later but. They did "it's right now, no/ima deshou/今でしょう" many times and it particularly Changmin's faces when delivering the line was deadly. So funny~ Yunho made a killer of a face too XD
They wanted the fans to repeat it after them or answer their questions with it. But lol, ofc not many people wanted to reply with "right now" when they asked when they should proceed to the next song. In fact, I kind of hope the fans are going to turn the gag around and answer with, "later, right/ato deshou/後でしょう" because imo it'd be playful and fun and just perfect and please, fellow fans, fulfill my dream *^*

Changmin asked the audience about the stuff that's been popular recently and not many people answered him and when he tried to do it himself it didn't go all that well either XD Anyway, it was "flying getフライングゲット," apparently some parody of AKB's Maeda Atsuka. (Guess I should try googling it to know what it's about lol.) I heard that today he did it a lot so I suppose he'll get a knack of it soon~ (And the fans will know too because the rumours will spread so it'll be less vague XD)

And Yunho did lots of weird, luckluster Matchibou's lol. Idk, his timing was a bit odd? In general I found him a bit hard to understand at times, both when it came to his Japanese and his actions. But it might've got something to do with the fact that apparently his condition wasn't that good? He even said that he lay down that day but Idk about the timing, if it was before the concert, during one of the breaks or whatever. Anyway, it made me a bit worried :<
Other than that, he was really hyper tho and really really cute. I really love seeing him like that ;; He was very playful when talking to both Changmin and the audience and just. Jung Yunho how are you real ;;

And Changmin continued from the "I'm so mild" from the TONE Tour, to which Yunho went, "Changmin is so wild!!・ワイルドだぜ" "not wild, mild!!" "I'm wild!" and it was teeth-rotting ;;

They also did a variation of "the obvious exercise/atarimae taisou/当たり前体操" (google if you don't know it because it's really funny) and it kinda wasn't smooth either but it was charming in its own way. <3 And one of the examples they used was something along the lines of, "when you stretch out your hand and make this gesture, Changmin comes over," by Yunho and Changmin actually came, kind of skipped (or it was my pink-tinted glasses, whatever) and it was really cute and I'm dying all over again when I recall it. I think there was one more Homin exercise too but Idk. Anywayyyyy, it was so adorable ;; You two. Go out. (...that came off as a double entendre lol.)

They talked about serious stuff too ofc and it was pretty moving ;; It's easy to see the love and appreciation they have for the funs, it's so lovely.

Other moments that deserve a mention... Yunho suddenly going that he needs to leave the stage for a bit and then him going in like 3 different directions before finally finding an exit from the stage. And at one point he wanted to drink water but realised (by himself or because Changmin barked at him?) that it's not his water and his reaction was real cute too.

Changmin coughed quite a lot :'( It was a bit worrying, to know that they're both not in a very good physical condition ;; And he even apologised for his cough! No need to, you stupid boy. But, other than that Changmin seemed to be having a really great time? He kept on smiling and flirting with the audience and his tension was really high and it was just so great to see and why oh why didn't you stop near us ;; But yeah, he was in really good spirits <3 And his ears were particularly earsy.

Also, during one of the MCs Changmin singled out... Socrates, was it and delivered this whole speech about it being impossible to deny the rules of physics and how the time is flowing and soon the concert will be over too. Ahahah. He also commented on the announcement about the August concerts at Nissan Stadion (over 70k seats??) and how the fans' reaction was a bit hard to understand. Also, how they seem to care more about the things concering Tohoshinki and react more strongly than Toho boys themselves do. And how they really feel like a family. I remember going, "well said"/"that was good" at Changmin's words several times during the concert. (At Yunho's probably too but I don't remember that so XD)

The MCs were all really good even if the boys (khem, Yunho's) Japanese was a bit messed up at times (but I guess he'll get used to the language again soon enough) and the whole thing wasn't really smooth XD <3 During the main talk, my cheeks actually hurt from the face-splitting grin that took ahold of me face. And during the serious bits, you just could feel the sincerity and the gratitude.

I felt grateful too. Yesterday was an amazing experience. It was my dream to see a solo Tohoshinki concert and finally it came true. ;; Thank you for the opportunity, February Boys ;; It wouldn't have happened without your help <3333

The concert was so wonderful that I felt so acutely that I want to go to more places than just 2 more concerts in Tokyo Dome. I even tried getting a ticket for today's con but I missed out on one chance (the highest seats) because I wanted to wait for the results of another plea and ehh, today's tickets that FB kindly agreed to attempt to get for me at the venue were just too expensive. I kind of regret not applying on the day before the concert for the worst seats because even those would be so much better than not going ;; I guess I'll try searching for more Tokyo Dome tickets soon. (I'd love to go to other places too but ahahah, the travelling expenses would kill me. If I could even afford them in the first place.)

Anyway, best night ;; (And FB's mom treated us to Korean food after the concert too ;;)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want to go again ;; Soon. Tomorrow. ;; In a week. Ahhhh. Okay, shutting up now.

Think I'm done for now, only pics left? But I bet I'll edit this post with various stuff I forgot to mention many times.

 photo goodsbooths_zpsb08280c0.jpg photo goodsex_zps59ef4e55.jpg photo goodsours_zpsa51d558d.jpg

Around 10-20 minutes before the concert
 photo venue_zpsf6dcaf97.jpg photo venue01_zpsccec9162.jpg

Ticket & inside the venue
 photo venue01_zpsccec9162.jpg photo flowers_zps13dcb35a.jpg photo seats_zpsd2897131.jpg

After the con & the tour trucks
 photo venuenight_zps7ec6dd9a.jpg photo truckcm_zps235a56c9.jpg photo truckzh_zps39e32b3d.jpg photo truckboth_zpsef89e93b.jpg

...If you reached the end of this babbling, congrats \o/
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